Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 4 (Not For Sissies!)

Yet more intensely humiliating, genuinely poisonous mental destruction for all the pussyless babydick virgins out there whose little maggot dicks twitch for censored porn. 

38 minutes of extremely powerful humiliation which will profoundly affect your sexuality and everyday life should you make the correct decision to listen. Not for sissies - pussyless losers only! 

This file contains a special surprise element which has never featured in any of my files before, but may be incorporated in the future (into both these kinds of files, and my classic feminization material) if I feel like it's worth my time to do so.

I won't spoil all the wonderful details loser - better that you discover it for yourself first-hand.

Prior training with previous loser therapy sessions is mandatory - no exceptions, reject. 

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