Sunday, November 11, 2018

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 3 (Not For Sissies!)

Perhaps the most brutal and mentally destructive brainwashing ever created. . . This file is strictly for pussy-free losers, babydick virgins, and certified sexual rejects in the eyes of all womankind.

Continuing on from where Session 2 left off, this session takes things further than ever before causing real and profound changes in the listener's day to day existence as an unfuckable foot obsessed beta male loser who no woman would ever even flirt with or smile at, let alone touch, kiss, or fuck.

This session is extremely long and detailed at more than 108 minutes in length. I don't want to spoil the impact of this twisted, heartless mindfuck by going into lots of specific details, just be assured that this is only for the true humiliation junkies & emotional masochists who follow the censored porn I post on my Tumblr for virgin losers religiously.

Note: Prior experience with Session 1 & 2 is compulsory before starting Session 3.   

Purchase Link: BMT

P.S. For the lost sissies looking for something more appropriate for them: my Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch file is now a free download via WarpMyMind! If you're a precious little sissy girl and not a pussy-free beta male loser, you'll stay far away from this file which is not for you sweetie :) 

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Purchase Link:  BMT