Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 2 (Not For Sissies!)

Do note that it's mandatory for all listeners to undergo prior treatment with the first file before they move onto Session 2. 
If the first session of Loser Therapy didn't appeal to you, this won't either - it is strictly for pussy-free losers, not sissies.  

Yes reject, that broken beta brain of yours is ready for more therapy. 

This file is extremely humiliating, cruel and may have adverse effects on your everyday life. 
Perhaps the most extreme and twisted file ever conceived in terms of the pure soul-crushing humiliation, and the lasting power of the mindfucking effects it'll have on you. 
This session will enhance and intensify everything we already covered in the first file, while adding a plethora of exciting new ideas and triggers to help fuck that feeble loser brain up even more than it clearly already is.

You will learn more about the beta zone, in fact you'll receive a special trigger that causes you to remember exactly who and what you are whenever you see a woman's pretty feet. Yes virgin, this trigger will be extremely powerful to that weak little brain of yours and you'll come to understand that a woman's feet are the most important part of her body for any pussy-free loser and the only part that you can even fantasize about having physical contact with - as unlikely as it is that any woman would let you touch her at all. 

You'll dream about getting to touch, lick or massage pretty feet the way a regular mentally healthy man might fantasize about fucking the hottest supermodel in the world in every orifice. 
That is the sad extent of your loserness reject and you're going to embrace it and be the best broken little beta you can be. 
You will feel a magnetic pull drawing your eyes down to pretty feet in photos and videos and even in your everyday life, and you'll come to understand that the beta zone is not a choice for true unfuckable pussy-free rejects, it is simply how it is and you'll remember that when your eyes immediately focus on feet in your beloved loser porn. 

For those unfamiliar, "loser porn" refers to censored porn where all the parts that real men deserve are pixelized for the babydick virgins who are not worthy of pussy, tits or female affection.
Your addiction to censored porn will become stronger and stronger and you'll be more committed than ever before to the pussy-free "lifestyle", not that you have any say in the matter as a bonafide unfuckable reject for life. 

We'll talk more about the difference between the virgin dick vomit that dribbles out of that little unloved baby dicklet when you reject rub to censored porn, and the thick luscious cream that women all over the world have craved and lusted over since the dawn of time. You'll even learn some helpful new terms for the toxic toilet trash that oozes out when you rub your little rejected dicklet to humiliation and verbal abuse like a good loser. 

Your broken beta brain will learn that all of you losers are virgins regardless of the tiny minority that may have thought they had some sort of vague sexual experience with a woman at some stage in the distant past. If you are in that small percentage of losers you're going to reclaim your virginity and be a proud pussy-free virgin for life as you discover that the experience did not count to the women therefore it did not count in reality. For all intents and purposes, it never happened. Of course this won't apply to the vast majority of you pussyless rejects who no woman would ever touch let alone fuck :) 

I'm also going to talk to you about an exciting new idea I like to refer to as "becoming useful". While this may sound like a strange and foreign concept to your feeble broken mind, you'll find a way to make yourself useful to pretty girls - one way or another. 
Whether it be by giving them money and gifts to express your limitless adoration for them, or doing all the menial chores that are too boring for them like a good obedient beta.

Whatever way you decide to become useful to women loser, I can assure you it'll be so wonderfully rewarding for you and the best part is that you'll receive absolutely nothing but abuse, rejection and wonderful forthright honesty in return as that will help teach you about your low little place in the world. 

You'll remember that evil brainwashing is good for you, cruelty is honesty, and most importantly... Rejection is reality. Pretty girls teach lowlife losers about reality.  

Session 1 already implanted a special trigger in your loser brain where women and eye contact is concerned, and that is going to be strengthened greatly in your second session.
Eye contact equals rejection loser and it's what you'll see whenever any woman so much as looks at you. You know that it's nice to keep your eyes down in the presence of women for the most part as a display of respect and an acknowledgment of your glaring inferiority, but there are times where it's appropriate to make eye contact with pretty girls loser and the only reason for this is so that you can experience their brutal rejection of you that is felt the moment their bright sparkling eyes meet yours. They do not like you, loser. Pussyless virgin rejects are cockroaches at best in their eyes and their pretty vaginas dry up whenever lowlife unfuckable scum such as yourself is in their superior presence. 

The final section of this file will teach you some exciting new mantras to help you be the best loser you can be. This will be perhaps the most humiliating part of the file for you reject as you'll be forced to repeat every word I say out loud like a good obedient beta. You will be listening over and over again loser and some of the more complicated mantras may take a little time to memorize, whereas others will stick in your mind from the very first listen. You are going to hear the mantras in your head even when you're not listening loser and you'll recite them when you reject rub that little maggot dick to censored pussy and tits, pretty feet and extreme humiliation.  There are two sets of loser mantras for you to learn reject and the second set is even more humiliating and will have a strong brainwashing effect on good obedient betas who repeat the special phrases as instructed and practice them regularly.

You are permitted to view the only kind of porn that is appropriate for lowlife sewer-scum such as yourself when you listen loser, and you can find some that is very appropriate for your species at my Tumblr - there are also many other censored porn tumblrs that will help give that feeble loser brain the dopamine hit that it requires to "function", if it can really be called functioning at all :)

It is acceptable and even encouraged for you to reject rub your little maggot while you listen loser, but your broken beta brain understands that good rejects edge for hours for pretty girls and you're strongly advised against making your beta yuckies before you have listened to at least the first 60 minutes of this very lengthy session - the best losers will keep that rancid bile in those broken beta ballsies until they begin their second listen, after that they are permitted to let that revolting scum ooze out of their little rejected dicklets so long as it is disposed of immediately via the nearest toilet. Yes reject, that's where your broken unwanted cum goes, every single time without exception. 

Believe it or not, this description doesn't even do justice to how truly twisted and terribly toxic this therapy session is. The unfuckable losers who deserve this abuse will find out for themselves how powerful this file is when they listen, over and over again... unable to stop. :) 

Everyone else should stay far away from these files as they are mental poison to put it simply. 

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