Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 2 (Not For Sissies!)

Do note that it's mandatory for all listeners to undergo prior treatment with the first file before they move onto Session 2. 
If the first session of Loser Therapy didn't appeal to you, this won't either - it is strictly for pussy-free losers, not sissies.  

Yes reject, that broken beta brain of yours is ready for more therapy. 

This file is extremely humiliating, cruel and may have adverse effects on your everyday life. 
Perhaps the most extreme and twisted file ever conceived in terms of the pure soul-crushing humiliation, and the lasting power of the mindfucking effects it'll have on you. 
This session will enhance and intensify everything we already covered in the first file, while adding a plethora of exciting new ideas and triggers to help fuck that feeble loser brain up even more than it clearly already is.

You will learn more about the beta zone, in fact you'll receive a special trigger that causes you to remember exactly who and what you are whenever you see a woman's pretty feet. Yes virgin, this trigger will be extremely powerful to that weak little brain of yours and you'll come to understand that a woman's feet are the most important part of her body for any pussy-free loser and the only part that you can even fantasize about having physical contact with - as unlikely as it is that any woman would let you touch her at all. 

Beta Bundle! 40% off every Loser Therapy session to date

Purchase Link:  BMT