Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New File: Loser Therapy (Not For Sissies!)

This file is not for little sissy princesses. It is strictly for virgin losers, unfuckable rejects and broken little betas. It's possible that some of my regular listeners could get some enjoyment out of this file, but it is not a feminization file and it is extremely cruel and will hurt the feelings of even the most desensitized rejects. Think carefully about whether this file is appropriate for you before choosing to listen. The bonafide losers for life will love it, but precious little sissies have no business listening to such a mean file that is not for them. Sissies who listen may find that the file does not apply to them and may therefore find that it's not anywhere near as fun to listen to as a file that was created for sissies, it could even be a downright unpleasant experience for sensitive little sissies who don't deserve to be treated with such coldhearted cruelty and complete disregard for their feelings. Only the utterly contemptible rejects who make every woman's skin crawl deserve that sort of treatment, and that's exactly what they'll receive when they listen to their first therapy session.

This file gives the listener some new rules: First and foremost, they are banned from viewing uncut pornography for life. They are no longer permitted to see uncensored breasts and vaginas - after all, no woman on earth would grant them that privilege in real life, so why should they get to see such things in pictures and videos? It's simple - they shouldn't. Little dicked rejects do not deserve pussy, tits or even the odd sliver of female affection. Losers will learn all about the beta zone and will find that they direct their gaze to a woman's pretty feet whenever they view any sort of porn from now on. The beta zone is just for broken little rejects who understand that above the ankle is strictly for wonderfully desirable Alphas. Losers who listen will also be given a special trigger that will profoundly affect how they perceive their interactions with all women from now on. This is an insidious effect that will deeply impact your everyday life if you make the choice to listen, so choose wisely reject. Rejects will also hear in great detail about the difference between Alpha cum and the rancid bile that dribbles out of their little beta dickies when they reject rub to their beloved loser porn, along with the reality of where wonderful Alpha cum belongs, as opposed to their utterly revolting beta spermies (eww). 

This file is extreme, relentless and potentially damaging to one's mental and emotional well being. Only truly masochistic rejects should choose to listen. Prolonged exposure to this twisted therapy session may result in depression and social anxiety for those who it is not appropriate for. Listen at your own peril, and if you're just a cute little sissy who doesn't deserve such harsh treatment then please stick to my regular files. It's also possible this file may have genuine therapeutic benefits for some listeners. This is not something I am guaranteeing in any way, so don't expect any such effects. Bonafide losers for life will listen to their rejection therapy over and over again while enjoying a nice long reject rub to their beloved censored porn (the file even offers some helpful suggestions on where you can find loser porn that is appropriate for "men" of your calibre), but remember that good betas edge for pretty girls and their broken beta balls are granted release rarely if at all :) 

View my new Tumblr page (link in file description on WarpMyMind) for a better idea of what to expect.

(Hint: lots of emotional cruelty and all the merciless rejection your broken beta brain can handle...)

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