Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Women Just Know

An essential piece of hardcore conditioning and brainwashing for little sissy princesses, this file goes into great detail about how women see sissies and encourages you to be more and more open and honest with women about your little self so that there can be absolutely no trace of doubt in the back of their minds over who and what you truly are. Yes sweetie, you will be taught that women just know and you will find those three words will pop into your little head whenever you are interacting with nice ladies from now on.
You will learn why it's perfectly fine for men to refer to women using whatever terms they like but why dickless little fairy princesses are required to always refer to women as **nice ladies** as that's just so appropriate. You may even find that there is a secret subliminal trigger associated with saying the words **nice ladies** out loud but I won't spoil all the exciting details. You will learn your **little place** better than ever before today sweetie as I help you to accept your reality as a quivering little pussy girl whose job is to make sure all women know exactly what a sissy she is and then make herself useful to them in whatever way she can. Of course this does not include anything sexual sweetie as your **little mind** will come to understand that the only remotely appropriate contact a sissy may have with a woman sexually would be licking her feet or lovingly and attentively worshipping her nice friend's ass while she stands in front of her bedroom mirror preparing for an important date with a  ♥ real man 

Yes princess, you don't need to worry about being forced into up close and personal encounters with yucky frightening vaginas as you will be reminded that you are forbidden from going near a woman's scary intimidating vagina which looks like it could just eviscerate a little sissy's **soft precious wee wee** in a matter of milliseconds. Vaginas will be the furthest thing from your mind princess as you learn to accept the humiliation and embarrassment that comes with embracing who you are but of course you will find that it gets easier over time sweetie. 

Your knowledge that women just know will help make it easier for you to find ways of making your femininity harder and harder for them to ignore, so that you can make more platonic female friends (yay!) and giggle and gossip together about guys. You may find that you are drawn to super girly girls in their 20s or you may favor making friends with older ladies - the type that  ♥ masculine men  might refer to as MILFs (though in your case that will stand for Mommy I'd Like to Friend, sweetie) who may relish in dressing you up and making you the precious faggot daughter they always wanted. You will learn that women see sissies as little girls sweetie and this is perfectly acceptable.

This file is deliciously humiliating princess and a lot of that comes from the plentiful references to real men and the striking contrast between the hard bodied physique and rugged good looks of a legitimate male and the soft girly body and tiny precious mind of a little sissy princess. Women love to talk about men sweetie and it's lots of fun to do so with their    little faggot friend  ♥  You will learn that while it's not acceptable for sissies to refer to women as anything other than **nice ladies** your nice friends will be free to refer to you as whatever they like. Whether that be dickless or pussygirl or fluffer faggot or something gentler like sweetie or diddums, it's all perfectly fine and you will accept this as part of your existence as a bonafide sissy cumslut for women to dress up and men to unload inside.

Needless to say, this file is very addictive and the effects are extremely powerful princess so do make sure you are prepared for any real life changes that inevitably result from listening. You will find that it's best to listen several times a week for the best results and you will discover that the humiliation that arises from knowing your little place beneath women drives you to be an even bigger cumslut than ever before - how lucky for all the ♥ hunky men  in your neighborhood who will be needing their cocks serviced regularly. Remember to leave a pretty comment after you've listened sweetie.


Women Just Know

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