Sunday, June 4, 2017

Training Loop #8 - Compulsive Clitty Diddler

This file is for the truest sissies with very high feminine sex drives who like to play with their clitties very often. You will be conditioned to love playing with your soft clitty whenever you have a sexual thought, and you will learn to become extremely aroused without the slightest hint of undesirable hardness down there.

This file will condition you in such a way that anything you find the slightest bit arousing will trigger you to compulsively diddle away at your clitty. Yes sweetie even the mere thought of a hunky guy and his slutty girlfriend will be enough to reduce you to a mincing little sissy diddling away at her little clitty. You will make soft feminine moans and giggles when you diddle and that is perfectly okay princess.

You will also think about very feminine and slutty things, though if you are a true sissy you probably do this already! A true pathological sissy will find that diddling always brings thoughts of real men into her fluffy mind and you will most likely have the same experience. Strong men are extremely arousing to a little mincing sissy such as yourself and diddling away at your baby clitty will force you to daydream about hot studs.

You will not be banned from orgasms but most of the time you will simply stroke your clitty without climaxing and this will allow you to remain fully aroused and feminine for as long as you like. Over time you will learn to love playing with your limp little thingy whenever the mood strikes you and you will make the most adorable girly moaning sounds as you do so.

It is perfectly fine to play with your clitty whenever you like sweetie, except when it is all yucky and hard, though true sissies probably won't have much of a problem there to begin with. This brainwashing loop will condition you to play with your clitty whenever you like but you will learn to stop as soon as it becomes even a little bit hard as sissies do not enjoy this feeling anywhere near as much as they like being soft and smooth and tiny down there.

I should also reiterate that this brainwashing file will encourage you to think about all sorts of fluffy pink scenarios whenever you diddle away at your little clitty, and you will feel compelled to share all of those silly little thoughts with me and anyone else who might be interested.

You may imagine being surrounded by 10 inch twitching cocks as they shoot warm gooey cum on your face and all over your perky titties. You may dream of being paraded around as a strong man's trophy wife in a tight dress and sky-high heels as he gropes your slutty curves. You may even fantasize about having hardcore sex with your hunky boyfriend as he picks you up with his strong arms and thrusts his big manly cock deep into your eager pussy.

As with all of my training loops, the more you listen the greater your results will be and it is recommended that you listen for at least 30 minutes at a time, at least twice a day but preferably more. Some sissies may find themselves diddling away at their clitties almost every hour of the day and that is perfectly fine sweetie. I cannot overemphasize just how much this file will compel you to diddle compulsively in an adorably sissified manner so please be sure that this is what you want before you decide to purchase it as the long term effects are permanent and irreversible.

This file works wonders alongside my two limp-clitty files: Training Loop#1 - Limp Clitty and The Logic of Limp, which will force your naughty clit to stay perfectly limp while diddling, so be sure to listen to those if you haven't already.

I expect all good girls to comment below with detailed descriptions of all the feminine fantasies that pop into their fluffy little heads while diddling.

Give the file a listen and enjoy princess. 

Training Loop #8 - Compulsive Clitty Diddler

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