Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #6 - Sissy Cuckie

This brainwashing loop is intended for sissy cuckolds who want to fully accept their place as their wife or girlfriend's obedient little cuckie faggot. You will learn to deeply obey your wife and her large masculine lover on a permanent basis while showing both of them proper respect as a good frilly sissy should. All good girls know that women prefer to be with real men who have more than enough sexual experience to fully satisfy them. Your wife is no exception.

You will love to take your wife shopping for pretty outfits to wear for her new man, and you will be more than happy to help her apply extra slutty makeup so he fucks her long and hard the way she likes to be fucked. It is very possible that you will even develop an adorable schoolgirl crush on her hunky new boyfriend and your wife and all her friends will just think you are the sweetest little sissy in the world.

 You will be trained and conditioned to learn and accept that your wife is better than you on every level imaginable and you will do whatever it takes to please her without question. Naturally you will be completely banned from any physical contact with your superior wife as it is incredibly disrespectful for a sissy to touch a real man's woman behind his back. On the other hand, you will be allowed to flirt with your wife's lover at any opportunity and this is expected of any good cuckie.

This file will implant a deep need to serve and worship your wife and her lover, showing them absolute respect at all times. Yes princess, you may find yourself baking brownies and cupcakes as a nice present for your wife's lover, or even giving him presents and love letters on Valentines Day! Your wife will think this is just precious sweetie and it will well and truly prove what a little faggot you are beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt.

As a good cuckie faggot it is very important for you to remember that you have a worthless lump of nothing between your smooth thighs. Your wife's decision in choosing a massive throbbing penis over your shameful sissy nub is completely correct and you need to accept this as a natural part of life.

You will be coldly neglected by your wife as she flirts and kisses and cuddles and receives a good pounding from her masculine lover while you watch silently. Know that there will not even be a hint of a relationship between you and your wife as you are simply a limp-clitty servant who constantly tends to her and her lover's needs. Your wife can replace you with another sissy at a moments notice if you don't live up to the expectations of a good cuckie faggot, so I know that you will always show her the respect she so deeply deserves.

As with all of my training loops, you will listen to this on repeat for as long as it takes sweetie and over time it will condition you deeply and change you permanently.

_____Important note for those cuckies who aren't yet married_____
You can download an alternate version by clicking the word "Custom" where it says "Additional Types" (only displayed to those who have already purchased the file). In this version the word "wife" will be replaced by the word "girlfriend", other than that it is the exact same file.

Enjoy sweetie, and let me know all your little thoughts on the file after you listen.

Training Loop #6 - Sissy Cuckie

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