Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #27 - Limp Clitty Humiliation

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies - especially those with itsy bitsy little clitties (aww...)
Yes sweetie, this devious piece of conditioning is very explicit and very humiliating. Your little mind will come to understand that humiliation is good for you and helps you understand your little place so wonderfully well. You will embrace being a limp fairy princess and a sissy and even a faggot and learn why those terms are so very appropriate when referring to your kind. Of course sweetie you already know that it's not okay to call a gay man a faggot, I use the term only to describe the most precious of pussified princesses
You will learn to embrace severe emasculation and humiliation at the hands of nice ladies who you just can't help but open up to about that precious little thingy between your legs. You don't need to be reminded that your little clitty should always be limp sweetie but now you will find that it even seems to become softer and smaller the more aroused you become. Yes princess, you will rub your little clitty through your panties when you think about hunky men and fashion and makeup and kissing and cuddles and your little clitty will just feel softer and softer even if you manage to have a spurtygasm. 

You will be encouraged to diddle your little clitty in an exciting new way that is fast becoming a fun new trend among true sissy princesses. You'll be reminded the proper terms for a little wee-wee like that sweetie and you will remember to always use appropriate language (vagina, breasts etc) when speaking to nice ladies - meanwhile men with real cocks can speak to women however they like. You will embrace your pussification sweetie and learn that the word pussify is enough to cause your little clitty to shrivel up and start inverting inside of you. Of course your need to wear panties and hosiery on a regular basis will be increased and this can even help you achieve all your limpness goals over time princess. 

You'll be reminded (not that you need a reminder...) that no woman could ever want that silly little wee-wee anywhere near her gorgeous womanly body sweetie and that's why it's better to befriend women and have them turn you into a pouty little fuckslut for big strong men. Yes sweetie you love to kiss all the guys and then gossip about it like a silly little bitch but your main focus as a true pathological sissy should be on shrinkage and making your little thingy as soft and useless as it can possibly be, and this file is going to help greatly with achieving that goal. 

Your arousal is inextricably linked to your limpness sweetie and the humiliation you experience on a regular basis due to your complete uselessness with women will help shape your little mind and serve as a constant reminded of who and what you are. When you speak to women at all from now on princess your limp little clitty will be at the forefront of your mind and as always it will feel like it's trying to shrink right up inside of you whenever a nice lady says a word to you princess. It's best to embrace all of this sweetie and enjoy knowing your place and accepting your little self once and for all. As always, it's a wonderful idea to listen on repeat for the best results and it's a good idea to listen on a daily basis or even several times a day. Remember to leave a pretty comment sharing all your cutesy little feelings after you've listened sweetie.

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