Sunday, June 4, 2017

Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave

This file is very intense and will leave little bimbos in a state of constant sexual heat that simply must be satiated by finding a man (or men) to please. You will be drawn into a deep and prolonged state of extreme feminine sexual arousal and simply fantasizing about dreamy hunks and thick twitching cocks will not be enough to satisfy your ever present yearning for large rockhard cocks in your slutty little mouth and tight wet pussy. You will be reminded of how to behave around men sweetie and you will remember that nothing is more important to a silly bimbo cumslut than looking pretty for all the guys and you will learn several new methods of making your femininity more permanent and impossible to hide and you will learn how to cope with and embrace the mild humiliation this may cause you. 

Yes princess, your little mind understands that humiliation is good for bimbos as it teaches them humility and respect for their superiors as well as reminding them of their little place and that is why you will grow to love and accept the humiliation and come to realize that it makes you a stronger person who has the inner strength to be herself even if it can be a little embarrassing at times. You will come to understand why it's so nice for bimbos to giggle softly around big strong men even if they're not saying anything particularly funny and above all you'll remember to smile at guys you are attracted to sweetie as this is one of the most feminine things a bimbo can do to express herself to the world.

You know that silly bimbos fall in love with masculine guys sweetie and you'll find yourself fantasizing about kissing tenderly and lovingly and being held in the strong manly arms of a dreamy hunk whose powerful masculine presence practically reduces you to a gooey pink puddle of warm fuzzies. Good bimbos love to **sparkle** and even shimmer a little sweetie and my sparkle fairies may even pay you a special visit every time you listen to this extremely addictive and infinitely relistenable file if you are a very good girl. You will go further and further into a state of heat as you listen sweetie and this will be magnified with subsequent listens though you understand it's a good idea to always listen for at least 30-60 minutes at a time for the most profound results. 

While you are listening you will think about setting aside time in your very near future (whether today, tomorrow or later in the week) to truly let your hair down and be your bimbo self to your fullest and truest extent without a hint of compromise. This may mean dressing up and remaining in a state of extreme arousal for 24 hours or more sweetie. Your estrogen levels will be sky high while you are in a state of heat sweetie and I would strongly recommend that you avoid making a spurtygasm or even a sissygasm on your first listen as it's much more effective to allow the conditioning to be absorbed fully without interrupting the process for the sake of a momentary sexual release. Yes sweetie, you may diddle whenever you like but spurties are best avoided until you have looped the conditioning a little so that it can affect you more deeply and on a much more long term basis than if you were to make cummies prematurely like the silly little sissy you are. 

I must reiterate sweetie that the real life pursuit of cock and cum is a strong focus of this file and you won't be content to just fantasize about it - you need it. By listening to this file you're committing to the need to be fed cock after juicy cock until the warm luscious cream is trickling down your face onto your slutty titties as the nice men comment to each other about what a filthy slut you are. Now be a good girl and remember to decide on an appropriate time to have a whole lot of bimbo fun over the coming few days or even weeks sweetie. 

Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave

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