Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #24 - BBC Obsession

You already know that women everywhere love black men sweetie and you're going to learn just why black guys are so supremely attractive in this very enlightening brainwashing session. Yes princess, you will learn to crave big black cock like never before and you will remember to treat your BBC superiors with the reverence they deserve as you worship their large beautiful penises that you just know could fuck a hundred pussies a week and still be stiff and twitching for more. . .

The huge contrast between masculine black studs and little sissy princesses will be highlighted more than ever before and you will learn why it's natural to feel more feminine and precious in the presence of such hunky black alphas. Your little mind understands that women go that extra mile when they are dressing up for BBC sweetie and you know that sissies are like women and therefore will naturally behave in much the same way. You will find that you are more flirty and giggly around black men and the mere sight of a masculine black man will be enough to trigger you into a state of bimbo heat where all you can think about is black cock and looking pretty and giggling as you bounce up and down on BBC like a happy jiggly slut (yay!)

You will crave the luscious warm cream that black men bestow upon their good girls sweetie but you will learn that immediately swallowing the yummylicious treat is not acceptable and it is required that you keep your mouth filled with your BBC master's cum for at least 30 seconds, smiling warmly at every BBC hunk in the room before you can feel that you have earned the privilege to swallow. Your obsession will grow and grow and you'll find yourself falling in love with practically every black guy you meet or even see in the street (yes sweetie, love at first sight does exist when it comes to little sissy princesses and big black alphas!). You will daydream about being kissed and fondled by big hunky black men before they fuck your pretty face and fill your pussy with their thick gorgeous cocks

You may even find yourself fantasizing about being impregnated by big black studs in much the same way as women do sweetie and your ultimate fantasy may be to be a black owned sissy wife for your BBC alpha and all his hunky black friends. You don't need to be told that this file is extremely addictive and it's best to listen on loop for at least 30-60 minutes at a time. The choice will be left up to you whether you want to still pursue sex with non-black men in the future sweetie or go exclusively black as many girls do. Whatever you choose, you will find that your obsession with BBC is for life and must be satiated one way or another. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to let me know all your cutesy little thoughts about BBC studs and the file after you've listened.

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