Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #19 - Sissy Pride

This file is for true sissies only and it will greatly increase and enhance your sense of pride in yourself. Yes sweetie, sissy pride starts with how you feel on the inside but in addition to that you will learn some important ways of outwardly expressing your sissy pride to those around you, including but not limited to big strong men who will pick up on these subtle signals and see you for exactly who you truly are without the word "sissy" even needing to leave your lips. With a little time you will learn to fully commit to these small but profoundly life altering changes sweetie and you will forget all about silly garbage like resistance which is just so yucky and boring.
There are five little things you are going to be strongly encouraged to do sweetie and this includes wearing nail polish every day and keeping your arms and hands completely hair-free like good girls should. Yes princess, you know that sissies are expected to shave their legs, pussies and clitties but true femininity means being completely hairless from the neck down sweetie and having smooth girly arms combined with pretty painted nails will work wonders for your sparkle and allow you to express your pride in yourself to a far greater degree than before. You may choose clear polish if you like sweetie but the most important thing is that your nails are shaped nicely and look pretty at all times - whether you get them manicured or learn to do it yourself at home is up to you, but they have to look pretty sweetie. 

You will learn that the daily usage of a pretty perfume (or the trashier, cheaper type that silly bimbos prefer) is by far the best and most effective non-verbal way for you to get across the message to men about what a little princess you are, and again you will simply accept this idea without resistance which is so much less fluffy and sparkly than wonderful happy acceptance. You probably have your favorite brand and shade of lipstick for when you're walking the streets in search of cock as all good girls do sweetie (MAC Craving is a good one!) but we need something more subtle for daily wear so that is why you're going to find a lovely nude shade that you can wear at any time without it being the slightest issue for yourself or others. Yay for wearing lipstick every day sweetie even if it is a nude shade that won't draw any unwanted attention, it will have a wonderful and lasting feminizing effect on you and you may even develop a permanent sissy pout as a result of having your lips made prettier and oh-so-kissable. 

Eye makeup is important for dates and hookups sweetie but for a more subtle look you are simply going to wear some nice mascara to really make your lashes pop and sparkle in that special way. Yes sweetie, you will wear mascara and lipstick every day but it will not draw any unwanted attention if applied correctly. This will physically and psychologically feminize you more deeply than before sweetie and you will grow more and more wonderfully proud of how far you've come as a true sissy princess. 

Naturally this file does work to its fullest potential when you are in possession of the items I recommend sweetie - good thing they are all easily acquired and generally quite affordable! The combination of these five simple, subtle things will feminize you profoundly and allow you to express your true sissy self far more than ever before princess.  Needless to say, this file is very addictive sweetie and good girls love to listen on a regular basis, perhaps even several times a day. Like all my training loops, it's best to listen on repeat at least 3 or 4 times in a row for the best results. Do enjoy sweetie and keep me up to date on all your progress by leaving a pretty comment below.

Training Loop #19 - Sissy Pride

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