Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #17 - Bimbo Brain Melt

It's been exactly 2 years since the release of my popular Bimbo Blessing file, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new bimbo themed training loop! This file is full of wonderful bimbo conditioning for your silly little mind.

Your need to giggle like a sassy little slut will grow stronger than ever before, and the mere act of giggling will increase your arousal greatly while filling your little head with fluffy pink thoughts about pleasing men and shopping and fashion and all sorts of fun girly things. It's certainly true that the most efficient way for a silly bimbo to empty her tiny mind of all those boring pointless thoughts is to simply giggle and think about pretty feminine things which in turn will lead to wonderful feminine feelings.

You love to make your giggles extra fluffy for masculine guys sweetie and they will think it is just adorable.

Your need to please men with your cute little mouth and tight pink pussy will be brought to an all time high sweetie and you will love to spend hours upon hours getting ready for a man because getting compliments from dreamy guys makes your little bimbo mind **sparkle** like nothing else.

You will remember that sluts are pretty and you love being the prettiest slut for masculine men. Flirting makes you sparkle and you feel overwhelmed by wonderful positive feminine emotion whenever your true bimbo self is set free.

Little princess just loves to jiggle her girly body for all the guys and especially enjoys teasing their big swollen cocks with the sight of her supple body until they can't take it any more.

Yes sweetie, you fall in love with masculine guys. Your little mind will learn that it's perfectly normal for a silly bimbo to be in love with a hundred different guys at the same time, and there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest. Your little mind agrees that it's much more fulfilling for a little sissy bimbo to hookup with straight men who normally fuck pretty girls. This is the most femininity-affirming thing a silly bimbo can do and that is why you will make an extra effort to attract those sorts of guys princess.

It will be made clear that masculine men have the right to your girly body and silly concepts like consent are just so irrelevant and unimportant wherever silly sissy bimbos are concerned.

It is a privilege for a silly bimbo to feel large rough hands all over her titties and pussy as big strong men tell her what a naughty girl she is.

You will remember that high heels are compulsory for silly bimbos and perhaps it's a nice idea to wear heels that are equal in inches to the cocks you love to suck. So nice for sweetie to find herself on her knees sucking a ten inch cock just moments after walking the street in ten inch stripper heels.

Knowing that any cock under 6-7 inches is unacceptable, it's only natural for your high heels to measure 6-7 inches and above.

Continuing the tradition of previous bimbo files, this file contains a brand new nursery rhyme to help you remember the correct way for a silly bimbo to be. Needless to say, this file is extremely addictive and you'll find it very pleasurable to listen to over and over again, and this will help you learn every word to the new rhyme off by heart in no time. It's a lovely idea to use this training loop in conjunction with my other bimbo themed files. Namely Bimbo Blessing (Part 1 and Part 2), Happiness, and of course Sissy Sparkle. This file is longer than my other training loops, so I strongly recommend listening on repeat for 60 minutes or more.

As always, let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen sweetie.

Training Loop #17 - Bimbo Brain Melt

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