Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sissy Sparkle - Part 2

This file is for all the silly bimbos who just loved the first Sissy Sparkle so much they simply had to have another! Yes sweetie, you will be encouraged to take your  **sparkle** to a whole new level with this wonderful new adventure in my **fluffy pink world** of cotton candy giggles.

Your little mind will come to learn more about **Sparkle Mode** (first discussed in Acceptance) and you will be introduced to my wonderful sparkle-fairies who sprinkle **happy dust**  on the **cotton candy** minds of silly bimbos. This magical dust also greatly increases your arousal sweetie and you will be reminded that extreme sissy heat and arousal is an unavoidable aspect of  **Sparkle Mode** and to resist would be so silly and boring and positively yucky compared to sparkly happy acceptance. So nice for sweetie to enter **Sparkle Mode** just by saying the word **sparkle** out loud in her prettiest good girl voice. Yay!

Your **cotton candy** mind will grow fluffier than it's ever been as you learn to be a more obedient little dolly for me while I exercise more authority over you than ever before - teaching you that silly bimbos need discipline sometimes, even if this comes in the form of a little pinch on your nipples that helps you behave  like a good girl ♥. You will be encouraged to be a happier more carefree person who loves herself and the world around her and treats all living beings with  kindness & love ♥. Your little mind understands that  kindness & love  fill your heart with **warm fuzzies**  and **fluffy sparkles**  not to mention bright warm happiness. Yes sweetie, emptyheaded happiness is just one of the wonderful effects of this file and your blank little mind will soon be filled with the fluffiest girliest thoughts about    men and  fashion  and dancing ♥ and ♥ giggling  and pinching your nipples when they tingle like a good little slut.

You will be reminded that ♥ masculine men  have the intrinsic right to your body as a silly bimbo sweetie and to say no to them would never enter your **cotton candy** head in a million years because you understand that  the answer to cock is yes ♥ and good girls love to behave for ♥ big strong men . Your insatiable yearning to feel big manly hands all over your slutty titties and tight little pussy will be stronger than ever before sweetie and you may go out of your way to make this happen by making your little body more attractive and accessible to ♥ men ♥, especially those with large wonderful cocks that women and sissies alike are known to cherish and adore. The emphasis on being a mindless airheaded little ditz is stronger than ever sweetie and you will learn to love being so happy and giggly and emptyheaded. So wonderfully blissful to let go of all those silly unimportant thoughts (yuck!) that aren't even worth a moment's consideration.

Sissy Sparkle 2 runs for a total of 90 minutes, with approximately half of that time being devoted to the wonderful new fantasy scenario I have carefully crafted to be not just extremely pleasurable but simply irresistible to the very core of a silly little sissy's true self. Yes sweetie, this is the longest scenario I have ever created and the first of its kind. So exciting for ♥ little princess  to meet her adorable new ♥ BFFs  (did someone say **sparkle**) as they make her prettier for guys, then find herself getting all the cock she desires with her cumslut face and slutty outfit looking prettier than ever thanks to the wonderful help of her girly girl ♥ BFFs . You will even get a few tips on makeup from your new ♥ BFFs  sweetie including what brands of lipstick & mascara are best for silly bimbos and you will just love every second of being pampered and treated like the sissy you are from such ♥ happy giggly girly girls .  So lovely to just follow along with the fun scenario and allow it to influence your real life feminization adventures. Which may or may not include dreamy BBC hunks like the one below :) 

   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

This file is extremely addictive sweetie and contains several amnesia triggers that will help make it a shiny new experience for your forgetful little mind time and time again.

Enjoy princess and remember to leave a pretty comment after your little mind has absorbed all of the wonderful conditioning. 

Sissy Sparkle - Part 2

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