Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sissy Sparkle - Part 1

This file is strictly for sissy bimbos who understand that good girls like to behave at all times for big strong men. Yes princess, your little mind understands that being a slutty bimbo doll is a strict requirement in order to provide pleasure to all those hunky men you are sexually attracted to and you will be an especially good bimbo for men with large penises sweetie. At 73 minutes, this is the longest file I've created to date, and it will leave you with an intense sissy **sparkle** that will last for a lifetime.
You will be reminded that men love silly bimbos sweetie, and you will learn that good girls like to smile and giggle around guys. Being a good bimbo makes you **sparkle** and giggling makes your mind empty. Your little mind will be turned off at my command so that my important words are all that remains inside your head. You will learn that bimbos think in much simpler ways using vague mental images of pretty feminine things instead of having all these boring unimportant words creating more meaningful thought processes. 

Yes sweetie, you understand now that a bimbo's mind is a lot like a fashion magazine that is full of pretty feminine pictures but not a lot of words and sometimes when a silly bimbo goes inside her head she can feel like she's flipping through the pages very quickly and being overwhelmed by all the pretty images that she sees of fashion and makeup and hunky guys with thick cocks.

Your silly mind will learn that there's no point in having unimportant boring thoughts anymore sweetie and you will be so much happier as the direct result of this absence of conscious thought. You will simply giggle and your little brain will turn to **Cotton Candy**.

The effects of this file are very positive sweetie and you will be encouraged to love yourself and the entire world with all of your heart. You will feel such tremendous love for all mankind in that special good girl way and this love you radiate will make you a more friendly and approachable girl.

As a silly bimbo, your craving for cock in your giggly little mouth and tight pink pussy will grow stronger than ever and you will feel an extreme yearning to be with men and have your feminine little body used for their pleasure. You will be encouraged to practice sucking cock every single night with a high quality realistic dildo and you will practice taking it in your pussy at least once or twice a week until you're the giggliest little cock whore in the world. 

You love to be a **glammy girl** sweetie and that is why you'll spare no expense when it comes to buying all the prettiest makeup and sluttiest outfits to please your man. You know that sissies like to look their best for guys and when it comes to silly bimbos nothing is more important than looking oh-so-pretty for him. 

You will learn to accept that it's 100% worthwhile to spend an entire day getting ready for that special guy just for the chance to hear him tell you that you look pretty when he sees you. A compliment from a big strong man on your appearance is the best thing that can happen to a silly bimbo sweetie. This is why you will spend hours upon hours making sure your makeup is perfect and your slutty dress sense impeccable.

The only thing a silly bimbo may value over receiving nice compliments from guys about how pretty she looks is getting rewarded for her good behavior with a mouthful of hot creamy cum, preferably from more than one man at a time so your mouth is simply overflowing with hot cum.

Yes sweetie, you think cum is delicious and you absolutely adore and crave it 24/7. This is a lifelong craving, and rarely will a day go by where you aren't constantly daydreaming about the delectable taste of cum in your mouth. Cum makes you **sparkle** bright as can be and all bimbos feel this way.

This is the longest file I have ever created princess (73 minutes) and that is partially due to the exciting fantasy scenario that takes place in the second half of the file. Yes sweetie, I am going to implant this fantasy in your little mind and then it's up to your **Cotton Candy** brain to bring it to life. The fantasy runs for roughly half of the entire length of the file (32 minutes) so you can rest assured that I go into lots of juicy detail sweetie. I won't spoil all the specifics princess but let's just say that you're going to have your hands full with this one, not to mention your mouth and pussy!

This file started out as a direct continuation of Bimbo Blessing, but I like to think of Sissy Sparkle as the result of what would happen if Bimbo Blessing hooked up with Man Obsession for a naughty cuddle and they had a wonderful little baby together :) I am very proud of this file and super excited to share it with all my listeners.

Unlike Bimbo Blessing, this file is not a curse sweetie but the effects are permanent and everlasting and will grow stronger and stronger over time. Do not listen to this file if you have any doubts about becoming a man-pleasing cock-addicted bimbo whore because it is extremely powerful and will forever change the way you interact with men.

As a caution to all my girls, I have received email reports of sissies going into states of extreme arousal after listening to Sissy Sparkle and becoming completely overwhelmed with thoughts of hardcore sex with men. 

 This is a seriously intense file sweetie and only true pathological sissies should listen.

Remember that good girls like to listen every day sweetie and it's nice to share all your fluffy little thoughts in a pretty comment below :)


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