Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sissy Mantras

This file is for true pathological sissies only and it will teach you several extremely powerful and effective sissy mantras that you will repeat after me like a good girl. These short phrases will have an almost intoxicating effect on you when you repeat them after me sweetie and you may feel as though you enter a deep sissy trance just by repeating the powerful mantras like the obedient little sissy you are. 

You will dedicate yourself to learning the key phrases off by heart over time sweetie, and you will eventually find that you start to make up your own little mantras that you say in your prettiest good girl voice whenever you are in a particularly girly girl mood. Diddling is allowed while listening and repeating the conditioning phrases princess but needless to say it is only acceptable for sissies to diddle when they are perfectly soft and feminine down there - the slightest hint of yucky hardness and you will stop touching your little clitty like a good girl

You will find this file very addictive sweetie and you will want to listen again and again until you have learned all of the most important mantras off by heart. You will eventually find these little phrases popping into your head even when you aren't listening and that will be so pleasant and beneficial for you little princess. 

This file is hardcore brainwashing sweetie and it's for the real sissies who are truly committed to their feminization and who accept themselves for what they are. Enjoy sweetie and remember to listen every day for the best results that are just lovely and wonderful

Sissy Mantras

1 comment:

  1. MK Ultra caliber brainwash. People laugh. Maybe it's funny, but it isn't a joke. These files deliver.


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