Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pink Paradise (Curse)

This file was originally created for a very special little sissy. It has now been revised to make it appropriate for all of my good girls to listen to, especially those with tiny little babysoft bitchclits that think of me as their Mommy and love to listen and obey. This file is a curse sweetie and the effects are wonderful and just lovely for little sissy princesses. 

You know that good girls do as they are told sweetie and you are going to be behave like a perfect little doll for me today. Your little mind is going to be conditioned deeper than ever before and your true nature as a cock loving girly girl cumslut will be coaxed out of you and you'll be encouraged to be your little self openly and without the slightest hint of embarrassment. You already know that curses are wonderful and very effective when it comes to programming little sissies fluffy pink minds correctly so that they can **sparkle** and think all of the appropriate thoughts about men and fashion and dating and cock and cuddles

This file is just perfect for little sissies with tiny little clitties who lack even the faintest shred of masculinity, let alone virility. Sissies who are obsessed with having slutty titties for all the guys to fondle will be very pleased as this is another focus of the file sweetie. Silly bimbos will find their little minds feel very at home with this file playing on loop for hours at a time as they will enter sparkle mode after a special visit from my sparklefairies who sprinkle happy dust all over silly bimbo's fluffy lil minds making everything all pink and fuzzy and glittery - yay! 

I will implant some childhood memories in your little head sweetie to help you remember the past correctly and above all you will be encouraged to accept yourself and embrace the deep inner peace that self-love and self-acceptance are sure to bring. This file is extremely explicit sweetie but it's also very positive and beneficial and heartwarming for true pathological sissies to listen to and feel completely accepted and loved just as they are without needing to try and be something they're not. You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved and accepted after listening to this file princess and this will make it easier for you to give yourself the love and acceptance you deserve. 

You'll recite a special mantra in front of the mirror every day in your bra and panties sweetie and this will help to strengthen your sissy identity and help you to more readily accept yourself for the dickless, pussified little sissy girl that you are. You may also decide to incorporate phrases from my Sissy/Bimbo/Limp Clitty Mantra files during this special time that you give yourself each and every day pussygirl and if so that is perfectly fine. 

There's even a fun little fantasy scenario towards the end of the file sweetie involving something very naughty and exciting for Mommy's little princess. Needless to say, this file is very addictive and the effects of the curse are strengthened with each and every listen, though one listen is all it takes for the effects to take control of your little mind and that will just be lovely and exciting for you sweetie. Now listen and obey like a good sissy and be sure to share all your little thoughts with me after listening. 

Pink Paradise (Curse)

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  1. Does Dave have any likeminded professional colleagues that he can introduce me to?


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