Saturday, June 17, 2017

No More Diddles

My first ever chastity file - No More Diddles is for true pathological sissies who feel like they'd be better off just tucking their limp little clitties away permanently and devoting their energy to more beneficial activities than diddling away at their useless microscopic bitchclits that could never please a woman. Yes sweetie, you will be conditioned to love being diddle-free and you will find it so much more fulfilling than the empty release of **sissy flutters** that can often cause immediate feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse in even the most self-accepting of true pathological sissies.

You are embarking on an exciting journey with me sweetie as you commit fully to permanent chastity - with or without a clitty cage or other such device. Some sissies may choose to use a clitty cage to keep their little thingy in its rightful place at all times, while other sissies will be forced to develop self-discipline and a strong will and come to think of their bra and panties (which will be worn daily from now on - no exceptions) as the things that castrate and nullify them in much the same way as a chastity device would. In some ways it's actually better for little sissies to keep away from their precious tiny clitties without the use of a device that physically prohibits them from doing so, as this is much more beneficial for their little minds when they are able to resist touching their little wee-wees longterm, even without necessarily being caged.

Many sissies will be successful at going diddle-free 24/7 from their very first listen, but some sissies may find that they take a little while to adjust and may slip up a little before they eventually get it right. The important thing is that you keep trying and never give up sweetie. The truly dedicated sissies will commit 100% to permanent chastity and the diddle-free lifestyle, whether it takes them a few attempts or they get it right the first time. You will be driven to keep yourself occupied over the coming weeks and months sweetie and one of the many benefits of saying bye-bye to diddles is that you'll have a lot more energy to spend on more productive things - including girly girl BFF gossip sessions, beauty treatments, salon visits, mani-pedis, and a whole lot more. Yes sweetie, your increased estrogen as the result of abstaining from diddles will result in the enhancement of your feminine energy and aura, something that nice ladies are sure to notice about you which will lead to wonderful platonic friendships with all the pretty girls who would never have sex with a little sissy in a million years.

You know that where real men have large heavy testicles full of testosterone sweetie, sissies have precious little ovaries that are filled with estrogen. Over the course of your diddle-free journey, you'll observe that your little ovaries will get a little swollen and feel more and more full with each passing day that you abstain like a good girl. This is perfectly natural sweetie, and one thing that you are allowed to do is massage your little ovaries (very gently - sissy ovaries are extremely delicate!) to help recirculate all of that lovely estrogen into the rest of your body and mind, making everything all soft and fluffy the way good girls love. However sweetie, you are not permitted to do this whenever you feel like it as that would just be silly. You may rub your little ovaries a strict maximum of twice per day, for up to 30 seconds at a time - no longer than that under any circumstances. In the extremely unlikely event that your itsy bitsy little bitchclit begins to even slightly harden or twitch at all, you will stop massaging your ovaries and be thankful that you avoided a yucky bout of icky stiffness that just feels terrible and uncomfortable for true pathological sissies. There are a couple of other ways that you can help relieve just a bit of the pressure as you adjust to being a diddle-free girl for life, but I won't spoil all the fun details for you sweetie as it's much better for you to find out for yourself.

Sissygasms are going to become a much more regular part of your pussified little life as you learn to accept your pretty pink pussy as your primary sexual organ, just like any other girl. You'll be allowed to give yourself sissygasms sweetie whether by playing with yourself or using dildos and other toys, but you will be restricted to a maximum of two sissygasms per week while you are in chastity. This is only the case when the sissygasms are self-induced sweetie as there are no restrictions whatsoever on how many you can have courtesy of big hunky men with thick twitching cocks that cum extra hard for slutty little bitches. Yes princess, you can even have multiple sissygasms in a single day if you like - however they must be as the result of getting fucked by a real man, not just a dildo. Also, do keep in mind sweetie that your little body exists to pleasure men - if you're lucky enough to be fucked to the point of sissygasm that is wonderful but you should always be more than happy to please your big strong man whether you're rewarded with your own climax or not. It's very important to note that you will not be permitted to give yourself a sissygasm immediately sweetie as that would be too easy and this file is designed to challenge you and help you grow and become a better and more well behaved sissy. You need to listen to this file from start to finish four times without diddling or making warm spurties before you will be allowed to try and give yourself a sissygasm sweetie. From your fifth listen onwards, sissygasms will be permitted up to twice a week - yay! Follow the rules like a good girl sweetie, I believe in you.

The only form of diddling that is at all acceptable for a diddle-free sissy is what is commonly known as pinkydiddles sweetie, where you stimulate your clitty with just your pinky finger. However, you are only allowed to pinkydiddle by tracing your pinky along the fabric of your pretty panties from now on sweetie. Direct stimulation of your little bitchclit is not permitted under any circumstances. You will also be restricted to the same limits that apply to rubbing your little ovaries - 30 seconds at a time, with a strict twice a day maximum. If you feel that you may make warm spurties in less than 30 seconds of pinkydiddles or ovary massages, you will be required to stop and permanently restrict yourself from those activities sweetie as you are not allowed to make **sissy flutters** anymore.
Chastity will allow you to be happier, healthier and more productive in your everyday life sweetie and that is why you will commit so firmly to permanent chastity upon listening to this file. Cooking, cleaning, diet and exercise will be wonderful ways for you to redirect your energy towards something more positive and meaningful than diddling your little bitchclit to images and videos of hunky men pounding pretty girl's vaginas with their thick throbbing cocks. The very first step for any sissy who is brave enough to start themselves on this richly rewarding path is to listen to this file all the way through without diddling or making sissy flutters. It's possible some sissies will be so turned on that they may make warm spurties without even touching their little thingies. The sissies who have what it takes to be diddle-free will be able to listen to the file all the way through several times without touching themselves no matter how much they may want to as their little minds are still adjusting. This doesn't mean that all of those sissies will necessarily achieve that goal on their very first listen, but some of the most special and dedicated sissies will do just that and perhaps they can serve as a shining example to the less strong-willed sissies who may struggle a little at first. As previously mentioned, chastity devices are more than permitted sweetie but the sissies who stay diddle-free without being physically restrained from touching themselves will find that they get the most out of this in terms of mental, physical and emotional benefits. It may be challenging at first sweetie but so is anything worth doing, and the important thing is that if you do slip up you don't beat yourself up about it and you resolve to try harder next time and above all, you never give up - no matter what :)

Sissies who dare to start a bold new chapter in their lives will be delighted with the effects this file is sure to have on their little minds and girly bodies, as they make those silly feelings of guilt and regret a thing of the past and embrace dressing up pretty and living as the slutty girl they've always been for hours and even days at a time, should they choose to do so. No spurtygasm = no false guilt and regret for you to deal with sweetie and that is one of the bestest reasons in the world to take the first step which is attempting to listen to this file all the way through (not just once, but four times) without diddling or making spurties. Once you have achieved that, you will have earned a sissygasm and will be permitted as many as two self-induced sissygasms a week for the rest of your life - yay! And there's always the possibility that chastity will cause you to enter such an extreme and prolonged state of sissy heat that you end up taking cock on a daily basis like a good girl, which needless to say will result in more sissygasms than you ever dreamed possible. Another tremendous bonus sweetie is that your little bitchclit is bound to shrink even tinier after you've been diddle-free for a few weeks, due to inactivity of course. It may even invert entirely and wouldn't that just be a dream come true for any bonafide lifestyle sissy. 

Have fun with this exciting and profoundly lifechanging file sweetie and do feel free to keep me updated on all your progress. 

No More Diddles


  1. Hiii Goddess Gracie. I'm absolutely in love with the sound of this file. This is totally the type of sissy I'd love to become. I am just in the first week of my 4th month of HRT now, and I can feel myself being pulled toward sissyhood day by day. Its oh so exciting but also a little scary too. Its like the line from The Cranberries song Dreams: Oh my life is changing everyday, in every possible way. (: I had a couple questions though, because I don't have sissy friends or a mistress who's educated in raising a sissy ): so when you say were not allowed to make sissy flutters, what exactly do you mean? And when were allowed to have a self induced sissygasm twice a week, we are allowed any means accept clitty stimulation to get there? Thank you so much Goddess Gracie! I love you 💗

    Your adoring silly sissy bitch


  2. Thankyou mommie. Your the bestest


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