Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Man Obsession

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies only princess. Prior experience with my previous files is strongly recommended as this file will build upon prior layers of sissy training and brainwashing. Listening to this conditioning file will help you to come to terms with your sexual attraction to masculine men. Some sissies try to deny their true selves and their deepest biological sissy needs and this file will help you to gain the self acceptance you need to really **sparkle** and be the best girl you can be. 

Needless to say, this file is all about men. If you decide to listen to this file it is very likely that you are deeply attracted to men already so we will take that attraction and turn it up to the absolute max. Strong sexy guys♥ will become the focus of your life and you will adore everything about them, from their toned muscular bodies to their overwhelmingly-dominant personalities.

All good sissies have the love for menfirmly planted deep down inside their sissy hearts and if you do not find yourself attracted to menat this point in your sissification, then this file will wipe those silly notions out of your mind. You will find that you have a literal craving to kiss, lick, suck, tease, and fuck men.

And of course, when it comes to the love of men, no sissy can resist the temptation of a lovely set of cock and balls. A strong virile penis is the most wonderful aspect of a man's body and if he has plump juicy balls that are just filled to the brim with his creamy juice then that's simply a plus for any good sissy he is about to fuck.

Men's giant cocks are not limp and useless like a sissy's microscopic baby clitty and this file will embellish upon that fact in great detail.

Princess you love to make yourself pretty for men because having a beautifully made-up face looks so much prettier when you're getting face-fucked.

Men love it when they look down at a little sissy and see her sexy mascara-clad eyes gazing up at him with unbridled love.

You will be further conditioned to deeply need the feeling of a man's hot cum splattering all over your pretty sissy face, pooling in your gaping sissy mouth, and sliding down your welcoming sissy throat.

A big thick gooey load of cum is a fitting reward for a sissy who has pleased herreal man so well. A man squirting creamy globs of jizz on your face is like a seal of love and approval for his good girl and you will come to intensely crave this reward from every man you are attracted to sexually sweetie. cum is delectable

From now on you will be triggered into Ultra Sissy Mode whenever you see a pretty girl with her boyfriend or hubby. This will lead to an extended period of time where you feel very feminine and have all sorts of silly feelings including burning jealousy towards lucky girls who get to be with such dreamy hunks. Yes princess, when you are in Ultra Sissy Mode you will be a bitch in heat and desperate for big thick cocks in your giggly mouth and tight pink pussy while your sissy clitty stays limp and out of sight. 

The first masculine guy that you meet when you are in Ultra Sissy Mode will leave you absolutelylovestruck and you will find yourself constantly thinking about him and writing his name over and over again in your diary surrounded by pretty drawings of pretty pink lovehearts. You will remember that sissies need to look their best for guys and you will learn to be more comfortable acting like a giggly flirty slut when in the presence of masculine menyou need men

Notice how your relationships with women have not been mentioned so far princess? That's because you will have absolutely no sexual attraction to females whatsoever after listening to this file. What little attraction to women you had left will be firmly stamped out like the last ember of a fire being utterly extinguished by my words.

your attraction to girls is gone forever
All of your sexual attention will be focused on men and men only from now on and that is not negotiable in the slightest. Your attraction to luscious penises and strong aversion to icky vaginas is simply a deep-rooted aspect of your sissy psyche since the day you were born and it's about time you accepted it as a perfectly valid fact of life. It may be hard to come to terms with this fact but it's an obstacle all sissies must overcome.

It's worth mentioning that the first half of the file contains the conditioning and brainwashing while the second half features a fun fantasy scenario for all my good girls to use as inspiration for their real life sexual adventures.

You might even meet the man of your dreams...
As always, it is best to listen on a regular basis and follow all of my instructions like a good girl. This is a very long file at 68 minutes and these effects are lifelong sweetie so make sure before listening that you want to be a man-obsessed slutty sissy who wants nothing less than to please powerful well-endowed hunks for the rest of your life. you want it so much

This file is extremely powerful, especially when dealing with a sissy's highly-receptive mind so repeated listening will definitely cause forever-permanent changes in your sissy mind while altering your behavior around menand women.   

There is nothing I or any other professional hypnotist can do to reverse this file's effects after they have been strongly hardwired into your mind. Listening to this file can never be taken back and the effects can never be undone so proceed with extreme caution sweetie. throw caution to the wind

You may download the file from the link below. 
Please let me know how you feel about the file after you listen and I would love to hear about all your silly little stories about being triggered into Ultra Sissy Mode


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