Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Limp Clitty Mantras

Taking you deeper than ever into the realm of cerebral castration and extreme emasculation, this file contains powerful conditioning phrases that will serve to nullify your silly little clitty once and for all. This devious little piece of conditioning is 33 minutes of brainwashing in its truest and most merciless form. It is strictly for true sissies only sweetie and the effects are not to be taken lightly. You will commit 100% to permanent irreversible impotence and you will accept and embrace this as your new reality willingly and always with a smile on your face like a good girl. It should go without saying sweetie but panties are compulsory while listening to this file and diddling is allowed but of course you already know that you are only allowed to diddle when you are perfectly soft and squidgy down there and in the unlikely event that you experience a discomforting bout of yucky stiffness, you will simply stop diddling and think about pretty ballerinas and fluffy teddies until your clitty returns to its natural state of girly softness. 

This file may be a little advanced for some of the less experienced sissies but the truly dedicated girls will love every second as they listen again and again and learn all of the powerful phrases off by heart until they find my words start to pop into their little heads even when they aren't listening. You will embrace your babysoft bitchclit for the wonderful blessing that it is and you'll keep it tucked away in your pretty panties where it belongs princess. You will remember that good little sissies wear panties every day and if you are yet to take that step you will be pushed over the edge and you'll decide (all by yourself of course) that you are ready for permanent sissification - yay! 

You will be reminded of why it is physiologically impossible for any woman on earth to feel sexual attraction towards a limp little sissy, and why it is equally impossible for you to ever even dream of penetrating a woman's vagina with your little baby clitty that would feel more like a pinky finger tickling her vulva to the point that it would only cause her annoyance rather than anything resembling arousal. Your clitty shrinks up when you speak to women sweetie and you know deep down that your little clitty would just disappear inside of your body out of a mixture of fear and embarrassment if you ever saw a nice lady's vagina in real life but something tells me you won't need to worry about that little princess. :) 

You will repeat the mantras after me in your prettiest good girl voice sweetie and you'll find yourself becoming more deeply entranced and brainwashed with each mantra that you are given. You will learn more about your attraction to men and your platonic friendships with women also sweetie as you go further and further into complete and total pussification. Yes sweetie, your little mind will understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that sissies don't fuck pussies, sissies are the pussies getting fuckedYour priorities will be kept in check sweetie as you will be reminded of the importance of always looking your best for men, and being a nice little friend to all the pretty girls whose pretty vaginas dry up like the Sahara desert around you. 

You will remember at all times that you exist to please strong masculine men with your cute little body as you strive to please nice ladies in other strictly non-sexual ways. This file is very addictive and the effects will be doubled with each listen - it's a wonderful idea to listen every day sweetie and observe for yourself as the effects manifest in your behaviour and appearance in everyday life over the next 12 months and beyond. You are going to be more of a sissy than ever before this year sweetie and the sooner you embrace that reality the better. Let me know your fluffy little thoughts after you listen princess and remember that good girls wear panties every day and I know you are a very good girl. 

Limp Clitty Mantras

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