Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Eternal Sissy Happiness

This file is the spiritual successor and unofficial follow-up to Bimbo Blessing (which recently became 100% free to download!). It is vital that you listen to both parts of Bimbo Blessing before you proceed any further.
My previous conditioning will be strengthened and you will learn to ***sparkle*** and ***giggle*** constantly until you feel just like a strange mix between a silly little girl and a slutty bimbo desperate for cock and cuddles with her big strong man. Everything you have previously learned in Bimbo Blessing will be expanded upon and you will notice an increased emphasis on your ***sissy sparkle*** and how bright and giggly it makes you feel.

This is a very addictive file and the aim is to leave the sissy listener in a state of constant airheaded happiness and arousal, but be careful what you wish for sweetie. Many sissies will find themselves in a permanent state of giggly bimbo happiness and it is entirely up to the listener how long they choose to remain in that state. It is very important that you listen to the file on a regular basis, at least twice a day but preferably more!

As with Bimbo Blessing, this file is technically a curse but true sissies will see the effects as wholly positive. It is strictly for true hardcore sissies only, I cannot stress that enough. It is also important that you remember that good girls like to obey princess.

The more you listen to this file, the softer and fluffier your cotton candy brain will become princess. Good girls like to ***sparkle*** bright as can be whenever they absorb Goddess Gracie's conditioning, so be a good girl and ***sparkle*** bright for me today sweetie.


1 comment:

  1. Hiii Goddess Gracie. This silly sissy is worried her bank will be charged when purchasing this free file because when I click on it it says it cost 30 dollars.

    Your adoring silly sissy bitch



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