Sunday, June 4, 2017

Good Sissies Obey

This file is for advanced sissies who have previous experience with my earlier files and are ready to take their sissification to the next level. True sissies only as always sweetie.

In direct contrast with my recently released Man Obsession, Good Sissies Obey focuses on a true sissy's need to please women in a completely platonic, non-sexual manner. I think it's a wonderful idea for sissies to train extensively with both files over the next few months.
You will learn that all women have absolute authority over your silly little self, and you will learn to love to obey like a good little girl behaving for her Mommy. Agreeing feels nice for sissies so you will learn to never argue with any female and accept that their superior intelligence dictates that they are correct at all times. It's just so much easier for you to giggle happily as you say bye-bye to the idea of ever having a mind of your own.

The simple act of being spoken to by a woman will trigger you into an extremely obedient and feminine mindstate, and this applies to all women sweetie. The second a woman says a word to you, you will be reminded of what a sissy you are and how much you want to please her.

The ultimate goal is for your compliance to become automatic and unconscious.

You will experience an increased desire to please women in any way possible, whether that be cooking and cleaning for them or just tending to the sexual needs of their big hunky boyfriends and hubbies. Your need for humiliation and emasculation will grow stronger and you'll learn that no amount of verbal abuse is ever "too much", it's perfectly fine for a woman to speak down to a little sissy and the sissy should simply be grateful for the attention. Strong homophobic language is used so if you are offended by the word faggot, perhaps this isn't the file for you.

One of the most important parts of the file is a direct test of your obedience sweetie and it will require you to make some fun little changes to your daily life that will make it easier for women to identify you as the simpering little sissy you are. Enjoy sweetie and be sure to let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen.

Good Sissies Obey

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