Monday, June 5, 2017

Good Girl: Part 3

 By popular demand, I present to you the third and final chapter in the infamous Good Girl series!
(Part 1) (Part 2)

This file focuses on a lot of the same themes as the previous files in the series, while expanding on those foundations and covering some exciting new ground along the way.
It has been designed to affect you on an even deeper level and bring you into a prolonged state of trance that will continue long after you finish listening. I believe it is my strongest file yet in terms of the level of trance you will achieve, and as my first ever payfile I'm very happy with how it turned out and I'm extremely excited to share it with you sweetie.

Like all of my files, this is for serious sissies only - it is permanent and extremely addictive

You will be able to hide your feminization from loved ones and coworkers if absolutely necessary but other than that you will just be a quivering little sissy for guys to fuck and girls to laugh at. Every woman you speak to will make you feel like such a little sissy and it will be so humiliating sweetie but you will just love every second of it.

Impotence and complete sexual feminization are the main focuses - after listening to this file you will view limpness as a deeply positive thing and you will dread getting all yucky and hard in your little panties, but I don't think that will be much of a problem for you anymore sweetie.
You may also find yourself with a strong desire to tell all the girls about your limp wee-wee so they know that you're just like one of them and have an utter lack of ability when it comes to penetrating a woman's vagina with your limp little clitty.
The mere sight of a woman in high heels will intensely arouse and sissify you, even more than it probably already does! And the sound of a woman's heels trotting gracefully along the floor will just get your little pussy yearning for cock princess.

This file will effectively seal any true sissy's fate as a cock loving girly slut who loves to stay limp at all times, especially while she gets fucked by big hunky guys who provide that tangible flesh-and-blood reminder of the manhood she will always lack.

The only thing you will be able to think when you see pretty girls from now on is how jealous you are of them and how amazing real guys are for being able to fuck such beautiful women. Yes princess, the mere sight of a woman is enough to deeply and instantly sissify you from now on. The more feminine she is, the more you will feel that strange mix of admiration and jealousy, and the more it will fuel your need to be sissified and feminized.

The file contains a very exciting scenario towards the end but I won't spoil all the juicy details for you sweetie. Let's just say that it felt fitting for the final part in the series to go out with a bang, literally...

Enjoy princess, and remember to let me know all your little feelings about the file after you listen. 

Good Girl - Part 3

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