Sunday, June 18, 2017

Diddle-Free Mantras

This file contains extremely powerful brainwashing and is only appropriate for true pathological sissies. Those girls who loved No More Diddles will be super excited to continue their diddle-free journey with this wonderful and deliciously humiliating piece of work. My longest mantra file yet at 46 minutes and containing little to no repeating phrases, sissies who are truly committed to staying diddle-free will benefit tremendously from repeated listens which will help ensure their little minds are functioning correctly over the coming weeks and months as they become more obedient and disciplined sissies who understand that there are far more fulfilling things for them to be doing than playing with their useless little clitties and thinking about thick hard cocks and rugged manly physiques. In the unlikely event that you feel that you have even a shred of masculinity remaining, you can think of this file as the ultimate manhood eraser for sissies who need that extra little push in order for them to blossom and flourish as obedient little princesses.
Bra and panties are a part of your everyday life as a diddle-free sissy sweetie, and you remember that your bra and panties serve to castrate you mentally and physically in such a warm, pleasant way that feels just lovely for true pathological sissies. Yes sweetie, you wear your bra and panties every day like a good girl. The conditioning phrases you will learn are not limited strictly to the diddle-free theme, this file also contains lots of sissy/bimbo conditioning and many very emasculating phrases that you're going to find extremely arousing little princess. By listening to the content of this file without diddling you will be learning greater self-control and discipline - wonderful qualities for any good girl to possess. You'll come to understand that women see you as a little girl sweetie and there is simply no point in wasting a single second thinking about women in inappropriate and disrespectful ways. Women are your superiors and platonic girly girl BFFs sweetie and that is all. Sissies have sex with men (yay!) and you will redirect your sexual energy away from the empty pleasures of diddling and your focus will be on sissifying yourself on a deeper level than ever before, sucking more cock than ever before, engaging in more girly girl activities than ever before, and being a bigger slut than ever before in a more extreme state of constant sissy heat than ever before.

You will make several promises to yourself as you listen sweetie and you will commit to every one of them and this may lead you to gain better focus on the things that really matter to you - looking pretty for strong masculine studs, keeping in shape through diet and exercise, cooking and cleaning like a good little pussymaid, and taking cock with the level of expertise expected of a good little whore. Silly bimbos stand to gain a lot by becoming diddle-free as well sweetie and that is why you may feel very sparkly and pink and glittery at certain points as you listen and this feeling won't soon diminish upon the file's conclusion princess. Silly bimbos can get so many more important things done when they remain diddle-free like good girls, including but not limited to: swallowing gallons of hot luscious cum, flirting with every hunky guy they meet, taking cock in public like a good girl, and eagerly obeying without hesitation. Bimbo or not, you'll be more sexually adventurous than ever before when you are enjoying your new life as an obedient diddle-free girl who does the right thing and tucks her precious little bitchclit away in pretty panties and focuses on more worthwhile matters such as wearing slutty makeup every day, developing a more feminine style of vernacular and a girlier voice, flirting like crazy with any masculine man who happens to cross her path, and making thick throbbing cocks blow big creamy loads deep inside any one of her sparkly little fuckholes.

Yes sweetie, your pretty pink pussy and slutty little mouth exist for men's pleasure and you'll take greater pride than ever in being the perfect fuckdoll for any donkey dicked stud who needs a good girl to obey his every word or be disciplined in whatever way he deems fit. You'll be more interested in girly girl gossip sessions and making lots of platonic besties than ever before also sweetie. Your increased femininity will motivate you to seek out likeminded people and you may even find that women are more drawn to you as a nice little friend for them because they can sense your increased estrogen levels as your precious little ovaries produce more and more of that wonderful feminine hormone with each and every passing day that you remain diddle-free like a good girl. You are going to be more committed than ever to staying diddle-free sweetie and you're going to be happier and hornier than ever before on a day-to-day basis. It may be challenging at times princess but I truly believe that you can do it and I'm going to be so proud of you should you feel the need to update me on your diddle-free progress along the way. This file was built from the ground up to be extremely addictive and that is why you're going to find yourself listening time and time again until you learn all of the important phrases off by heart and begin to make up your own little mantras and this will prove to be wonderfully beneficial for you sweetie. You must not underestimate the effects of this file sweetie as it's important to be aware that it is not to be taken lightly and is only for the truly dedicated sissies who are ready to change their lives for the better and move forward into a very happy, positive new place in life. A place consisting of pretty dressesgorgeous heels, slutty makeup, girly girl besties, and most importantly of all, more thick hard cock than you ever dreamed possible. Speaking of which sweetie, this file also encourages you to have frequent sissy dreams about barbies and teddies and pretty girls mocking your little clitty and hot gangbangs with strong manly men. Your little mind understands that this is a perfectly normal thing for diddle-free sissies to experience and you will embrace these special dreams and watch as key elements of them become a wonderful reality for you in the coming weeks, months and even years.

Do feel free to share all your cutesy little thoughts after you've listened sweetie and remember that good girls wear their bra and panties every day without exception.

Diddle-Free Mantras

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  1. One of my *first* by Goddess Gracie. Now a foundational file. Newbies, heed the warnings. If you are a reasonably stable hetero-sexual with no aberrant 'tastes', you might want to go back to Google Search, right now. On the other hand - Oh, The Places You'll Go! Every journey begins with a first step. If a desirable destination for you is the Red Carpet Motel on the other side of the tracks, with bruised knees, torn stockings and dried semen in your hair...climb aboard!


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