Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bimbo Blessing: Redux

A brand new take on the original Bimbo Blessing concept, this file is a curse that has the most wonderful effects in the world for little sissy princesses. Rather than make a direct sequel, I thought it best to create a wonderful new Bimbo Blessing that is more powerful, more refined and more effective than the original file that was released this time three years ago. The first section contains the induction and warning in keeping with the spirit of the original BB, and the rest of the file contains nothing but good old fashioned industrial strength brainwashing and conditioning for sassy little bimbo cumsluts. Do be warned that this file is a curse (yay!) and the effects are permanent, irreversible and unavoidable once you have listened. 
You will discover that you become happier, dumber and a whole lot hornier and it is entirely possible to find yourself in a perennial state of bimbo heat as a result of listening. You will be encouraged to avoid sexual release wherever possible so that you can spend hours upon hours dressed up all pretty and looking for big strong men to please. Yes sweetie, diddling is not forbidden but you are strongly discouraged from diddling or playing with your pussy to the point of sexual release as it's just so much more fun to keep your feminine sexual arousal levels high at all times. That said, your levels of sexual arousal will be so high that even if you do diddle yourself to the point of warm spurties in your pretty panties, the intensity of your arousal will only momentarily decrease and you will return to a state of heat in no time. 

I'm sure you don't need to be told that this file is going to leave you craving cock and cuddles with big hunky guys like never before sweetie. Yes princess, you will be left feeling oh so girly and happy and silly and this is not a short term effect. You will be triggered deeper into bimbo heat whenever you see a pretty girl sweetie and this effect will be strengthened tremendously if she is with her boyfriend or hubby. You are going to learn that bimbos have **tiny thoughts** sweetie and you will experience several floods of tiny thoughts in your precious head throughout the duration. There is a brand new nursery rhyme for all my little princesses that will help you to remember the correct ways for bimbos to think and feel and you will learn it off by heart in no time sweetie.

It's important for bimbos to set goals for themselves and you may find that aiming to suck a dozen cocks in the coming week is a wonderful goal for you princess. Your craving for cock simply must be fulfilled sweetie and you remember that it's essential that bimbos spend hours getting ready for their man and anything less is unacceptable. You understand that the effects of this file are wonderful and it will leave you feeling happier, more joyful and carefree in your every day life and you also understand that this file is like bimbo crack in that it is possibly my most addictive piece of conditioning ever. Yes sweetie, whenever you listen you are going to be thinking about the next time you will listen whether that be later on the same day or else the very next day - the choice is yours! 

As with the original BB, the induction and warning do not need to be listened to every time you listen, which is why I have uploaded the body (all of the conditioning) as an 'Additional File Type' which you may download at no extra cost after purchasing. The body is the equivalent of Part 2 of the original BB and it's a good idea for silly bimbos to loop this part of the file over and over for wonderful effects that are just lovely and magical

This file is very extreme needless to say but it is free of some of the more taboo elements found in the original BB so that it is more representative of how my conditioning has developed in the past 3 years. I do touch upon personal safety so that you are less likely to put yourself in a dangerous situation as a result of listening and anything I tell you to do is merely a suggestion that you may or may not decide to act upon. That said, you know that bimbos love to obey the rules sweetie and you are going to be a very obedient little **sparkle girl** for Goddess Gracie. Remember to leave a pretty comment after you've listened sweetie.

Bimbo Blessing: Redux

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  1. Some sissies are born. Most sissies are made I think. The warnings are real, but believe me, you won't regret the change regardless of how you may feel right now about potentially becoming a sperm-burping brainless little urchin turning tricks for an anonymous online pimp. It will feel like the High Life, and you will have reached your fullest potential.


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