Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 1)

This is the second half of All Things Sissy and if you have not yet read the description for Part 1 you should do so now sweetie. The purpose of each part of this file is to reinforce and strengthen your conditioning while intensifying all of the effects in ways you never dreamed possible

Whereas Part 1 went back to the Good Girl basics such as respect towards women and strong alpha men, limpness and wearing bra/panties all the time like a good little princess, Part 2 is a natural progression on the first half of the file and there is a strong focus on being a silly bimbo for all the guys which I know will just fill all my little airheads with cotton candy sparkles and make them giggle on the inside. 

You will also learn in the second half of All Things Sissy that you are in a constant state of sexual heat which will continue for weeks and maybe even months depending on how often you listen to the file sweetie. The only thing you can do to keep your arousal levels under control if get down on your knees and fulfill your life's purpose bimbo. You will be happy and joyful and very, very slutty for a long long time princess and these effects are strengthened with every listen and I'm sure you will be listening to both parts of the file over and over again sweetie. 

The first section of Part 2 focuses primarily on bimbo ideals and the correct ways for silly bimbos to behave, where it concerns their relationship(s) with strong masculine men in particular! You will learn it's okay for men to administer a little slap to the face or tits of a bimbo who is not behaving like a good girl and it makes you ***sparkle*** to receive such discipline sweetie. Don't worry little princess, a little slap to the face or titties only stings for a couple of seconds and helps you to be a better bimbo.

The silly bimbo theme is carried over throughout the entire duration of this part of the file to some extent - even the fun little mini-scenario which focuses on a big black and previously untouched upon topic that I hope to delve into in more detail in the future has a heavy focus on what a silly little bimbo dolly you are. 

After the aforementioned scenario which would traditionally bring a file to its conclusion, there is a lovely section on being the best little bimbo cocksucker in the world and you will be encouraged to make a wonderful decision about cock in the same way that you were in Part 1 with regards to panties and the lack of a need for male underwear in any true sissy's life. 

I know you love nursery rhymes sweetie and that is just adorable. I have included a nice nursery rhyme at the end of every section of Part 2, and there is a wonderful rhyme towards the end of Part 1 which encapsulates everything we discussed in that part of the file.

You should already know that Part 1 covered the good girl fundamentals along with some very interesting new ways for little sissies to interact with women they cross paths with in their everyday lives, and it also covered limpness and a true sissies need to be soft and girly down there in great detail.

Of course limpness and panties go hand in hand sweetie and that is why Part 1 helps you come to a wonderful decision regarding panties while also encouraging regular bra wearing and increasing your need to grow a nice set of titties for all the guys.

Silly bimbos need to show off their titties sweetie and that is why there is a lot of mention of your breasts in Part 2 also princess and I'm sure you will agree that nothing says "bimbo" like a bitch in heat trotting down the street in wonderfully high heels, a slutty miniskirt and a low cut top on as her titties bounce along with every step much to the enjoyment of all the strong masculine men in her vicinity. She is smiling at all the guys sweetie and it feels so nice to be such a happy silly bimbo. You will be reminded that men have the intrinsic right to the bodies of silly bimbos and it's much easier to just surrender and take their hands all over your naughty parts. 

Your cotton candy mind is going to get fluffier and fluffier throughout the duration of Part 2 until it's so soft and adorable that it will remind you of your little clitty which was made tinier and limper in the first half of the file. The aforementioned decision you make in Part 2 will affect your reality in a wonderfully positive way sweetie and I'm sure that the decision made in Part 1 with regards to the every day wearing of panties will make things much easier for you as you will be so horny day in and day out that finding yourself on your knees as a bunch of horny masculine guys circle around you like a hungry pack of wolves is a foregone conclusion. 

Remember sweetie, this is the second half of All Things Sissy and both parts are just as important as each other. Good girls need all of the conditioning contained in this file princess and that is why you are going to listen on a very regular basis. I consider this file something of a magnum opus sweetie and I'm sure you will agree once you have listened to it for yourself.

Don't forget to let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen princess and be sure to set aside time regularly for this wonderful and definitive feminization conditioning for little sissy bimbos. 


All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

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