Tuesday, June 6, 2017

All Things Sissy! (Part 1)


 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

The purpose of this file is to reinforce, strengthen and greatly intensify all previous conditioning. This is the definitive Goddess Gracie file covering everything that being a sissy entails in great detail and that is why it ended up being so long that it needed to be split into two parts!
Part 1 contains the induction, followed by some powerful Good Girl conditioning that reinforces everything little sissies need to know. The next section of the file concentrates in great detail on true permanent limpness and brings a little princesses obsession with having the softest tiniest most feminine clitty to an all time high. You will be more driven than ever to achieve true lifelong impotence down there sweetie and we both know this is simply the correct choice for a little sissy to make.

Closely related to a limp clitty is pretty panties to tuck it away all neat and tidy and that is why the third section of Part 1 focuses on regular panty wearing, making it more of a need than ever before for all good girls to wear panties every day and set aside time each week to wash them diligently so that they continue to sparkle. You will come to a very important, life changing decision about panties sweetie and this decision will be committed to by all true sissies who listen to this file and there will be no turning back... ever.

Your little heart just fills with warm fuzzies at the thought of wearing panties every day and those sissies who already do wear them this frequently will find that they are more turned on than ever before by the soft silky feel of delicate feminine panties. Such sissies will be brought back to how it felt when they first tried on a cute pair of panties and found that they seemed to feel so right compared to the unattractive and needlessly roomy feel of male underwear which true sissies have absolutely no use for whatsoever.

Panties and bras go together like little princesses and big strong men sweetie and that is why you will be encouraged to wear a bra as often as possible with 15 hours a week being the bare minimum for the first 4 weeks - after that you will be expected to wear them daily if you do not already do so. Your regular wearing of bras will greatly increase your obsession with growing a nice pair of feminine titties for all the guys to squeeze and grope and stare at princess and that is why there is a nice section in this file that concentrates on sissies who want to take every step they can to enhance their slutty bosoms for all the guys.

I know all my little princesses love nursery rhymes sweetie and that is why at the end of Part 1, there is a new nursery rhyme which perfectly encapsulates everything that Part 1 of the file has touched upon, from being a good girl to limpness to averting your eyes in the presence of pretty girls like a good little faggot to wearing bra and panties every day like true sissies should.

There are three more fun rhymes to help sissies remember the correct thoughts for little princesses to be having in Part 2 sweetie and they mark the end of each distinct section of the second half of the file.

There is only the odd mention of being a silly bimbo in Part 1 and that is because it is one of the main focuses of Part 2 which also contains a fun little mini-scenario which touches on a completely new topic I hope to delve into further in the future. By the time you get a few minutes into Part 2 you will find that you are in a state of sissy heat which will not fade soon after you finish listening - it will last for weeks and maybe even months and dressing up all pretty and giggling with big hard cock in your cute little mouth and tight pink pussy are the only ways that you can hope to satiate it princess. Part 2 is also available right now sweetie and it should be stated that this is a two-part file rather than a series and that is why it is strongly recommended for sissies to train with both parts as they are equally vital to your conditioning.

Both parts of the file combined add up to more than 2 hours long and I assure you it is a case of quality and quantity being equally abundant princess. You may think that 2 hours is a long time for a little bimbo to concentrate on the one thing sweetie but when you weigh up the wonderful benefits and incredibly positive effects the file has on you, I'm sure you would agree that it would still be entirely worth it even if it was ten times longer. Don't make the silly mistake of thinking that just because these are mostly familiar topics it is anything less than fresh and exciting - this is one of the most inspired files I have made and it feels brand new from start to finish and does not rely on the recycling of old ideas as that would be a waste of my time and yours sweetie, and it should be noted I spent more time on this file than any other I have made and took great care to make it perfect for you sweetie.

You should be aware that this file was carefully designed to intensify all aspects of your feminization sweetie and it will affect you on a permanent, long-term basis and you will even find that you are a happier, more easygoing person as a result of listening princess. This file is very addictive and true sissies may find that they set aside time every day to listen, and some may even find that they love the file so much that they loop it while doing other things like shopping or household duties or getting ready for pleasing a big strong man.

Do enjoy sweetie and be sure to leave a pretty comment after you've listened.

All Things Sissy! (Part 1)

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