Thursday, June 22, 2017

New File: Manhood Eraser

This file is a curse sweetie and it is not to be taken lightly. An extreme mindfuck for advanced sissies and newcomers alike, Manhood Eraser is perfect for good girls who are very familiar with my conditioning but it will also have wonderful, powerful effects on listeners who are just getting started. Perhaps my most emasculating and sissifying work yet, you'll find it incredibly easy to slip into a deep comfortable state of inner tranquility as my important words fix your little mind and make it **sparkle** and function at its full potential.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Training Loop #31 - Selfie Slut

Good girls love to look pretty for men and this is going to become more of an obsession than ever for you sweetie. You're going to hear all about why pretty girls take slutty pictures of themselves and it will be clarified whether girly girls take sexy pics for the pleasure of strong masculine men or for the benefit of quivering little sissies. You will have a special trigger implanted in your little mind that will turn you into a slutty bimbo in heat and motivate you to dress up pretty and take selfies for all the guys. You'll be encouraged to make your own Instagram or Twitter account for all of your pics and videos. Yay sweetie, how exciting for you!

Diddle-Free Mantras

This file contains extremely powerful brainwashing and is only appropriate for true pathological sissies. Those girls who loved No More Diddles will be super excited to continue their diddle-free journey with this wonderful and deliciously humiliating piece of work. My longest mantra file yet at 46 minutes and containing little to no repeating phrases, sissies who are truly committed to staying diddle-free will benefit tremendously from repeated listens which will help ensure their little minds are functioning correctly over the coming weeks and months as they become more obedient and disciplined sissies who understand that there are far more fulfilling things for them to be doing than playing with their useless little clitties and thinking about thick hard cocks and rugged manly physiques. In the unlikely event that you feel that you have even a shred of masculinity remaining, you can think of this file as the ultimate manhood eraser for sissies who need that extra little push in order for them to blossom and flourish as obedient little princesses.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

No More Diddles

My first ever chastity file - No More Diddles is for true pathological sissies who feel like they'd be better off just tucking their limp little clitties away permanently and devoting their energy to more beneficial activities than diddling away at their useless microscopic bitchclits that could never please a woman. Yes sweetie, you will be conditioned to love being diddle-free and you will find it so much more fulfilling than the empty release of **sissy flutters** that can often cause immediate feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse in even the most self-accepting of true pathological sissies.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pink Paradise (Curse)

This file was originally created for a very special little sissy. It has now been revised to make it appropriate for all of my good girls to listen to, especially those with tiny little babysoft bitchclits that think of me as their Mommy and love to listen and obey. This file is a curse sweetie and the effects are wonderful and just lovely for little sissy princesses. 

Size Matters (featuring Mistress Stella)

You're finally ready to hear the full uncompromising truth sweetie: women love big cocks and a little sissy like you could never even begin to satisfy us with that soft little clitty. This 20 minute file is an honest interview with Mistress Stella on the importance of penis size. You have a lot to learn today sissy.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Women Just Know

An essential piece of hardcore conditioning and brainwashing for little sissy princesses, this file goes into great detail about how women see sissies and encourages you to be more and more open and honest with women about your little self so that there can be absolutely no trace of doubt in the back of their minds over who and what you truly are. Yes sweetie, you will be taught that women just know and you will find those three words will pop into your little head whenever you are interacting with nice ladies from now on.

Bimbo Mantras

Continuing on from my recently released Sissy Mantras, this is for all the silly bimbos who **sparkle** for big thick cocks and love to look pretty for strong masculine men. This file is 25 minutes of extreme bimbo brainwashing and it is not to be taken lightly sweetie - you will be utterly helpless to resist the effects as you listen close and repeat after me like a good obedient bimbo. You will learn a number of extremely effective mantras that will help you set your inner bimbo free like never before, allowing you to **sparkle** bright as can be and be a happy horny slut with nothing on her little mind but big thick cocks and looking pretty. 

Yes sweetie, your little mind will go bye-byes and the only things you will be able to think about will be cock and fashion and flirting and kisses and cuddles with hot guys and before you know it sweetie you will be in **sparkle mode** on a quest to find the yummiest cock(s) to please with your slutty little mouth and tight pink pussy. You will repeat the conditioning phrases over and over again in your prettiest bimbo voice sweetie and you will find yourself utterly entranced and trapped in an extreme and prolonged state of bimbo heat that can only be satisfied by dressing up all pretty and pleasing strong masculine men like a good little whore. 

Your cotton candy brain will be paid a special visit courtesy of my **sparkle fairies** who will sprinkle happy dust on your little mind and make it all pink and glittery - yay! These effects will not soon diminish sweetie and you will find yourself feeling very airheaded and extremely aroused and desperate for cock for days or even weeks after you begin training with the file. This will be especially true if you choose to utilize the file correctly and listen every day like a good girl. This file is going to make you extremely happy and horny and flirty sweetie and you are going to have the time of your life enjoying all of the wonderful, pleasant effects that are just lovely

The effects of this file are very insidious sweetie and you will realize after a few weeks of regular listening just how deeply it has affected you and enhanced and improved your bimbo personality and made everything all pink and sparkly. You will reach a greater level of self-love and self-acceptance than ever before upon training with this file little princess and that is just one of the countless wonderful effects it will have on your little mind. You are going to enjoy every second of your happy giggly life my sweet little bimbo and you are so excited about making yourself all pretty and sucking big yummy cocks like the dumb little cumslut you are. Enjoy sweetie and remember to listen again and again and you will find that the mantras begin popping into your little head even when you're not listening - how exciting! You'll also start to make up your own and that will be super fun and awesome! 

Limp Clitty Mantras

Taking you deeper than ever into the realm of cerebral castration and extreme emasculation, this file contains powerful conditioning phrases that will serve to nullify your silly little clitty once and for all. This devious little piece of conditioning is 33 minutes of brainwashing in its truest and most merciless form. It is strictly for true sissies only sweetie and the effects are not to be taken lightly. You will commit 100% to permanent irreversible impotence and you will accept and embrace this as your new reality willingly and always with a smile on your face like a good girl. It should go without saying sweetie but panties are compulsory while listening to this file and diddling is allowed but of course you already know that you are only allowed to diddle when you are perfectly soft and squidgy down there and in the unlikely event that you experience a discomforting bout of yucky stiffness, you will simply stop diddling and think about pretty ballerinas and fluffy teddies until your clitty returns to its natural state of girly softness. 

Sissy Mantras

This file is for true pathological sissies only and it will teach you several extremely powerful and effective sissy mantras that you will repeat after me like a good girl. These short phrases will have an almost intoxicating effect on you when you repeat them after me sweetie and you may feel as though you enter a deep sissy trance just by repeating the powerful mantras like the obedient little sissy you are. 

You will dedicate yourself to learning the key phrases off by heart over time sweetie, and you will eventually find that you start to make up your own little mantras that you say in your prettiest good girl voice whenever you are in a particularly girly girl mood. Diddling is allowed while listening and repeating the conditioning phrases princess but needless to say it is only acceptable for sissies to diddle when they are perfectly soft and feminine down there - the slightest hint of yucky hardness and you will stop touching your little clitty like a good girl

You will find this file very addictive sweetie and you will want to listen again and again until you have learned all of the most important mantras off by heart. You will eventually find these little phrases popping into your head even when you aren't listening and that will be so pleasant and beneficial for you little princess. 

This file is hardcore brainwashing sweetie and it's for the real sissies who are truly committed to their feminization and who accept themselves for what they are. Enjoy sweetie and remember to listen every day for the best results that are just lovely and wonderful

Sissy Mantras

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Training Loop #16 - Limp for Pussy

This file is for true pathological sissies only princess. As a true sissy, you should already be nice and limp down there as often as possible (ideally 24/7) and that is wonderful. This brainwashing loop focuses solely on the fact that women and their frightening and intimidating vaginas make sissies go limper than ever before, to the point where your silly little clitty will just want to shrink up inside of you whenever you see a woman walking down the street or at the grocery store. This effect will be even stronger if the woman is with her hunky boyfriend or hubby princess.

Bimbo Blessing: Redux

A brand new take on the original Bimbo Blessing concept, this file is a curse that has the most wonderful effects in the world for little sissy princesses. Rather than make a direct sequel, I thought it best to create a wonderful new Bimbo Blessing that is more powerful, more refined and more effective than the original file that was released this time three years ago. The first section contains the induction and warning in keeping with the spirit of the original BB, and the rest of the file contains nothing but good old fashioned industrial strength brainwashing and conditioning for sassy little bimbo cumsluts. Do be warned that this file is a curse (yay!) and the effects are permanent, irreversible and unavoidable once you have listened. 

Training Loop #7 - Panties!

Yes sweetie, you are finally ready for my panties conditioning. It goes without saying that panties are a basic and fundamental part of any true sissy's feminization. That said, this file isn't one of those silly panty fetish files for occasional feminization dabblers - it is permanent brainwashing to ensure that you see the beautiful logic in wearing panties every single day for the rest of your life and eventually disposing of all your yucky unfeminine underwear, if you have not done so already... This file is extremely addictive and you will find it very pleasurable to listen to several times a day until panties are just second nature for you.

Training Loop #28 - Pretty Whore

You know that looking pretty is the most important thing in the world for silly bimbos and sassy little whores princess. Yes sweetie, nothing matters more to a precious girly girl princess than looking her best for big strong men. You are going to learn to think of yourself as a pretty little whore for men sweetie whether you actually charge for your services or not. You will commit to a professional level of service when it comes to pleasing a man and this means that you will strive to provide him with complete and total satisfaction every single time, even if this means deep throating his thick twitching cock till your mascara runs down your slutty face and you need to gasp for air. 

Sissy Sex Ed

Brainwashing at its most relentless - this file contains 43 minutes of extreme sissy conditioning which you will find yourself compelled to listen to again and again until all of the knowledge and wisdom I graciously impart has been fully absorbed into your precious tiny mind. Structured more like an educational lesson than a traditional hypnosis file, this file is completely induction-free but experienced listeners will find that they drift into a deeply comfortable and very peaceful trance-like state within the first couple of minutes as they listen carefully to my important words and allow me to sweetly soothe their cotton candy brains until their fluffy little minds go bye-byes.

Good Girl: Redux

A fresh new take on the original Good Girl concept - this file is very extreme and addictive and contains 44 minutes of pure brainwashing for true pathological sissies. Resembling the original files in name only, this is a brand new piece of conditioning and one that is sure to warp your little mind all over again. The main focus is on your relationship (strictly platonic friendship) with women and what is and isn't appropriate where women and sissies are concerned. You will learn your little place better than ever before sweetie and you will remember always that no woman on earth wants anything to do with a silly little sissy like you - at least not in a sexual capacity. You will accept this happily and commit to pleasing nice ladies in other more appropriate ways - whether this be by offering emotional support when they are heartbroken over a real man, or by taking care of their housework and giving them thoughtful gifts to show how much their platonic friendship means to you.

Fuckdoll Fantasy: Sissy Pageant

This file is a 72 minute fantasy that places you in the role of a precious little sissy who couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to compete in the first ever Sissy Pageant - an event where true sissies compete for awards and prizes and get to show off their special talents to the audience and judges. Timid little sissy princessees require accompaniment to the pageant by motherly figures who accept them for the silly little sissies they are, and this is why I assume the role of your Mommy in this very fun and delightfully deviant file which is well over an hour of pure bliss for true pathological sissies.

You will make a nice new friend or two at the pageant sweetie (yay!) and you will try your very bestest to impress the three super hunky judges with your unique abilities. I won't spoil the specific details but you will certainly have your work cut out for you today sweetie, and Mommy will be there with you every step of the way princess so there's no need to be frightened. The big strong men won't hurt you unless you misbehave, and we both know that's not likely as long as Mommy is around to keep an eye on you sweetie. 

Needless to say, this is an extremely explicit file which is just perfect for silly bimbos with tiny little cotton candy minds that float away to sissy dreamyland whenever they listen to my important words.
This file contains subliminal brainwashing layers similar to my regular conditioning files and for that reason, you may find that you are affected even more deeply than you may expect and this will be especially true with repeat listens. Remember that good girls always do what their Mommy says sweetie and feel free to tell me your tiny little thoughts about the pageant after you have experienced it for yourself :)

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant

Big Cocks vs Tiny Clitties

It's time the great debate was settled at last. Which is better for a woman's sexual pleasure and ultimate satisfaction: a nice big girthy cock that gets rock hard in seconds and can fuck for hours, or alternatively... a tiny soft little baby clitty that couldn't get hard even if it wanted to and is physically incapable of penetrating a woman's tight wet pussy.

Fuckdoll Fantasy: Prison Bitch

This file is an elaborate fantasy that places you in the role of a naughty sissy who goes to prison for doing something only a silly little sissy would do. At first you are very concerned about how you will fare in a prison designed for men, but you soon come to find that your time in the prison will be far more pleasant and appropriate for a simpering little sissy than you could have ever dreamed. You will sign an agreement that you'll provide certain services for the sexually frustrated prisoner men (many of whose wives and GF's don't even visit them anymore!) and in exchange you will receive special privileges and rewards more befitting of such a little princess than a boring old cell amongst the regular prisoners.

You will have special rules to follow and there'll be three nice ladies who will act as the equivalent of prison guards for you, but you'll think of them more as your girly girl BFFs. They will help you in whatever way is appropriate to prepare for lovely encounters with select prisoner men who you will do your best to obey at all times like a good girl. If your trial period as the designated cumslut goes well, your sentence may be shortened (though you might also find yourself requesting it to be doubled given all the fun you'll be having) and you may even be started on a regimen of female hormones so that you can become even more womanly and attractive to all the hunky men who have been suffering with blue balls for far too long. 

Your romantic encounters will be chaperoned by one of your girly girl best friends who will use a very appropriate method to keep you physically restrained and under her complete control whenever you are being transported around the prison, as rough masculine men stare you up and down and fantasize about the day they get to have their way with you. I've worded this description very deliberately so as to avoid spoiling the specifics of the fantasy - that way you get to experience it all first hand for yourself which is much more fun! There are subliminal layers of traditional sissy conditioning that play throughout the duration of the file so you may find yourself feeling like a slutty bitch in heat for an extended period of time after you listen - this is normal and to be expected princess. Enjoy sweetie and let me know all your cutesy little thoughts after you've listened. 

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Prison Bitch

Training Loop #27 - Limp Clitty Humiliation

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies - especially those with itsy bitsy little clitties (aww...)
Yes sweetie, this devious piece of conditioning is very explicit and very humiliating. Your little mind will come to understand that humiliation is good for you and helps you understand your little place so wonderfully well. You will embrace being a limp fairy princess and a sissy and even a faggot and learn why those terms are so very appropriate when referring to your kind. Of course sweetie you already know that it's not okay to call a gay man a faggot, I use the term only to describe the most precious of pussified princesses

Training Loop #26 - Kindness & Love

This file is just perfect for true sissies and girly girls alike who love to express kindness and love to the world. Whether that be platonic kindness and love such as the type shared between BFF's or fluffy little puppies, or the type that good girls love to show to hunky masculine men, you will not hesitate in showing how much kindness and love you have for the whole wide world princess. The effects of this file are extremely positive and just lovely for little princesses who feel warm fuzzies in their little hearts when they are nice to another living being.


This file is a curse with the most wonderful and positive effects a little sissy could ever hope for. Somewhat of a followup to last year's Acceptance, this file focuses even more deeply on true happiness and inner peace while simultaneously being arguably my most explicit work yet. Yes sweetie, this file is just perfect for little bimbo cumsluts who want to feel nothing but joy and euphoric bliss all the time, whether they're dressed up looking for men to please or just enjoying a nice relaxing day full of happiness and self-fulfillment. 

Training Loop #24 - BBC Obsession

You already know that women everywhere love black men sweetie and you're going to learn just why black guys are so supremely attractive in this very enlightening brainwashing session. Yes princess, you will learn to crave big black cock like never before and you will remember to treat your BBC superiors with the reverence they deserve as you worship their large beautiful penises that you just know could fuck a hundred pussies a week and still be stiff and twitching for more. . .

Training Loop #20 - Happy Titties

This file is for silly bimbos who like to keep their titties happy and well nourished with herbal supplements like Pueraria Mirifica (or PM) so that they can have bigger, firmer and sluttier breasts to show off to all the guys. Yes sweetie, you will become more and more obsessed with having nice womanly titties for big strong men to squeeze and caress with their big rough hands and you will learn to think of your titties as sentient beings that must be looked after and provided for like happy little puppies or cute adorable kittens. A silly bimbo's titties can become timid and withdrawn when they are ignored by their owner and that is why you are going to make the commitment to give your titties lots of attention from now on sweetie.

Training Loop #19 - Sissy Pride

This file is for true sissies only and it will greatly increase and enhance your sense of pride in yourself. Yes sweetie, sissy pride starts with how you feel on the inside but in addition to that you will learn some important ways of outwardly expressing your sissy pride to those around you, including but not limited to big strong men who will pick up on these subtle signals and see you for exactly who you truly are without the word "sissy" even needing to leave your lips. With a little time you will learn to fully commit to these small but profoundly life altering changes sweetie and you will forget all about silly garbage like resistance which is just so yucky and boring.

Acceptance (Curse)

Brainwashing in its purest form, this file is a curse which has extremely positive effects on the lives of little sissy princesses and silly bimbos alike. You will learn what true acceptance means and your little mind will understand that there is no turning back. You may already feel like you have reached some degree of acceptance regarding your sissy nature and that is wonderful, however this file will allow you reach true lifelong acceptance of not only your sexuality, but also your fluffy little place in the world and everything that entails.

Sissy Sparkle - Part 1

This file is strictly for sissy bimbos who understand that good girls like to behave at all times for big strong men. Yes princess, your little mind understands that being a slutty bimbo doll is a strict requirement in order to provide pleasure to all those hunky men you are sexually attracted to and you will be an especially good bimbo for men with large penises sweetie. At 73 minutes, this is the longest file I've created to date, and it will leave you with an intense sissy **sparkle** that will last for a lifetime.

Sissy Sparkle - Part 2

This file is for all the silly bimbos who just loved the first Sissy Sparkle so much they simply had to have another! Yes sweetie, you will be encouraged to take your  **sparkle** to a whole new level with this wonderful new adventure in my **fluffy pink world** of cotton candy giggles.

All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 1)

This is the second half of All Things Sissy and if you have not yet read the description for Part 1 you should do so now sweetie. The purpose of each part of this file is to reinforce and strengthen your conditioning while intensifying all of the effects in ways you never dreamed possible

All Things Sissy! (Part 1)


 This file is to be paired with All Things Sissy! (Part 2)

The purpose of this file is to reinforce, strengthen and greatly intensify all previous conditioning. This is the definitive Goddess Gracie file covering everything that being a sissy entails in great detail and that is why it ended up being so long that it needed to be split into two parts!

Cumslut Chronicles: Man Pleaser

The main purpose of this file is to help little sissy princesses prepare for hot dates with big strong men.

Training Loop #17 - Bimbo Brain Melt

It's been exactly 2 years since the release of my popular Bimbo Blessing file, and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new bimbo themed training loop! This file is full of wonderful bimbo conditioning for your silly little mind.

Training Loop #10 - Pantyhose

This file is for true sissies only and it will brainwash and condition you to want to wear pantyhose every day, sealing your femininity deep within you and making you more submissive and aroused.

Training Loop #15 - Sissygasm

This is a pussy training file for true sissies who understand that a good girl's primary sexual organ is her pretty pink pussy and she should practice taking cock in it on a regular basis. I will talk you through the process of a **sissygasm** and over time you will become an expert at experiencing this wonderful form of feminine sexual release.

Training Loop #9 - Correct Thoughts

This is a brainwashing loop that should be listened to on repeat for at least 30 minutes at a time. As always, it is for true sissies only - no exceptions! It will reinforce the correct attitudes and behavior expected of a true sissy and will keep femininity and everything it entails at the forefront of your fluffy little mind. Several topics will be touched upon from a true sissy's innate desire for lots of cuddles and affection from masculine men, to a sissy's correct natural instinct to please women in whatever way that she can (strictly platonic of course!).

Man Obsession

This file is strictly for true pathological sissies only princess. Prior experience with my previous files is strongly recommended as this file will build upon prior layers of sissy training and brainwashing. Listening to this conditioning file will help you to come to terms with your sexual attraction to masculine men. Some sissies try to deny their true selves and their deepest biological sissy needs and this file will help you to gain the self acceptance you need to really **sparkle** and be the best girl you can be. 

Eternal Sissy Happiness

This file is the spiritual successor and unofficial follow-up to Bimbo Blessing (which recently became 100% free to download!). It is vital that you listen to both parts of Bimbo Blessing before you proceed any further.
My previous conditioning will be strengthened and you will learn to ***sparkle*** and ***giggle*** constantly until you feel just like a strange mix between a silly little girl and a slutty bimbo desperate for cock and cuddles with her big strong man. Everything you have previously learned in Bimbo Blessing will be expanded upon and you will notice an increased emphasis on your ***sissy sparkle*** and how bright and giggly it makes you feel.

Training Loop #6 - Sissy Cuckie

This brainwashing loop is intended for sissy cuckolds who want to fully accept their place as their wife or girlfriend's obedient little cuckie faggot. You will learn to deeply obey your wife and her large masculine lover on a permanent basis while showing both of them proper respect as a good frilly sissy should. All good girls know that women prefer to be with real men who have more than enough sexual experience to fully satisfy them. Your wife is no exception.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Training Loop #29 - Sissy Overload

This file is very intense and just perfect for true pathological sissies. You will learn your little place better than ever before where women are concerned sweetie and your submissiveness towards nice ladies will be made stronger than ever as you learn to be more open and honest about who and what you really are. 

Training Loop #30 - Sparkle Slut

This is a very exciting bimbo conditioning file for silly little airheads who love to sparkle and giggle around hunky guys. You will find it so pleasurable to listen again and again sweetie as your little mind absorbs my important words and allows them to shape you into a happy horny cumslut with a pink fluffy brain full of cotton candy giggles and a warm fuzzy heart filled with kindness and love for all humanity. 

Good Girl: Part 3

 By popular demand, I present to you the third and final chapter in the infamous Good Girl series!
(Part 1) (Part 2)

This file focuses on a lot of the same themes as the previous files in the series, while expanding on those foundations and covering some exciting new ground along the way.
It has been designed to affect you on an even deeper level and bring you into a prolonged state of trance that will continue long after you finish listening. I believe it is my strongest file yet in terms of the level of trance you will achieve, and as my first ever payfile I'm very happy with how it turned out and I'm extremely excited to share it with you sweetie.

Training Loop #11 - Sissy Cock Slut

I know you love sucking cock sweetie and this file is going to intensify that craving tenfold. It will become more of an obsession than ever for you to find big hard cocks to please with your slutty mouth - the ultimate goal being to become the perfect little cocksucker for all the guys.

Whether you're an experienced sissy slut or you've never sucked a cock before, this file will instill a need within you to become the best cocksucker in the world, and as you know sweetie - practice makes perfect. You will think about cock as much as real men think about fucking tight little pussies, perhaps even more so.

You'll practise with dildos princess but eventually you'll need to start sucking real cock on a regular basis and if you're already doing that then you'll soon be doing it far more frequently than ever before. With dedication and persistence, your cocksucking skills will develop greatly over time until you're able to deepthroat a dozen guys and still have energy to take their cocks in your pussy after.

You won't care about looks princess - the only thing that will matter is that the guy has a reasonable sized cock. Women and sissies share a natural preference for large penises and anything under the bare minimum of 6 inches is simply unacceptable. You will be a sissy sizequeen sweetie and you will understand that bigger cocks are simply better. Listen on repeat for at least 30-60 minutes at a time sweetie and remember that daily training will yield the best results :)

Training Loop #11 - Sissy Cock Slut

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Training Loop #8 - Compulsive Clitty Diddler

This file is for the truest sissies with very high feminine sex drives who like to play with their clitties very often. You will be conditioned to love playing with your soft clitty whenever you have a sexual thought, and you will learn to become extremely aroused without the slightest hint of undesirable hardness down there.

Training Loop #25 - Bimbo Heatwave

This file is very intense and will leave little bimbos in a state of constant sexual heat that simply must be satiated by finding a man (or men) to please. You will be drawn into a deep and prolonged state of extreme feminine sexual arousal and simply fantasizing about dreamy hunks and thick twitching cocks will not be enough to satisfy your ever present yearning for large rockhard cocks in your slutty little mouth and tight wet pussy. You will be reminded of how to behave around men sweetie and you will remember that nothing is more important to a silly bimbo cumslut than looking pretty for all the guys and you will learn several new methods of making your femininity more permanent and impossible to hide and you will learn how to cope with and embrace the mild humiliation this may cause you. 

Training Loop #23 - Crave Cock & Cum

This file will greatly enhance your love and lust for cock and cum, bringing you into a state of extreme sexual heat that can only be satiated by sucking at least one or two (or a dozen) cocks and swallowing every last drop of warm cream they bestow upon you. Yes sweetie, you will remember that good girls should always look their best for men and you will make sure that you look extra pretty whenever you are hoping to find a nice man to please. You know that men are drawn to sluttier girls sweetie and your little mind understands that sluts are pretty, therefore it is in your best interest to dress and behave in a manner befitting of a silly whore who doesn't even charge but provides a professional level of service for any masculine man who would like nothing more than to unload in a pretty little mouth after a hard day's work.

Training Loop #22 - Limp & Tiny

This file contains hardcore brainwashing and conditioning for all my pink little princesses, especially those with adorable tiny little clitties that don't even get hard (giggle). You will be conditioned deeper than ever before to love the feeling of utter tininess you carry within you and you will find it more arousing than ever to be a dickless little fairy princess who rubs her soft little clitty through her pretty pink panties and thinks about strong barrel chested hunks with ten inch cocks that love to fuck pussy hard.

Good Sissies Obey

This file is for advanced sissies who have previous experience with my earlier files and are ready to take their sissification to the next level. True sissies only as always sweetie.

In direct contrast with my recently released Man Obsession, Good Sissies Obey focuses on a true sissy's need to please women in a completely platonic, non-sexual manner. I think it's a wonderful idea for sissies to train extensively with both files over the next few months.

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