Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant (Free Download!)

This file is a 72 minute fantasy that places you in the role of a precious little sissy who couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to compete in the first ever Sissy Pageant - an event where true sissies compete for awards and prizes and get to show off their special talents to the audience and judges. Timid little sissy princessees require accompaniment to the pageant by motherly figures who accept them for the silly little sissies they are, and this is why I assume the role of your Mommy in this very fun and delightfully deviant file which is well over an hour of pure bliss for true pathological sissies.

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 3 (Not For Sissies!)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

New File: Hypnosis for Women - Adore Men

My first ever file built from the ground up for women! Also appropriate for sissies & pussy-free betas who need to hear in great detail exactly how women naturally feel and behave towards real men. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

New File: Sissy Shame Dissolver

Yes sweetie, the time has finally arrived for you to advance to the next stage in your extreme sissification.  I know that many of my precious little princesses have been eagerly awaiting more conditioning to help their fluffy little minds function correctly, and you're going to get so much more than you bargained for when you listen and obey like a good girl.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

New File: The Logic of Limp - Redux

Wonderfully twisted brainwashing with powerful and irreversible effects on your girly girl body and pink little mind, this is a brand new file for all those simpering little sissies who know that staying soft, tiny and diddle-free 24/7 feels wonderful for precious pussified princesses. Yes sweetie, good girls are soft and delicate and this file is going to pussify and emasculate you in a more extreme and deeply warped fashion than ever before. Perhaps my most humiliating work for little sissies yet, this file explains your little place to you in a way that your precious fluffy head can understand and accept happily like a good girl

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New File: Loser Therapy - Session 2 (Not For Sissies!)

Do note that it's mandatory for all listeners to undergo prior treatment with the first file before they move onto Session 2. 
If the first session of Loser Therapy didn't appeal to you, this won't either - it is strictly for pussy-free losers, not sissies.  

Yes reject, that broken beta brain of yours is ready for more therapy. 

This file is extremely humiliating, cruel and may have adverse effects on your everyday life. 
Perhaps the most extreme and twisted file ever conceived in terms of the pure soul-crushing humiliation, and the lasting power of the mindfucking effects it'll have on you. 
This session will enhance and intensify everything we already covered in the first file, while adding a plethora of exciting new ideas and triggers to help fuck that feeble loser brain up even more than it clearly already is.

You will learn more about the beta zone, in fact you'll receive a special trigger that causes you to remember exactly who and what you are whenever you see a woman's pretty feet. Yes virgin, this trigger will be extremely powerful to that weak little brain of yours and you'll come to understand that a woman's feet are the most important part of her body for any pussy-free loser and the only part that you can even fantasize about having physical contact with - as unlikely as it is that any woman would let you touch her at all. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New File: Loser Therapy (Not For Sissies!)

This file is not for little sissy princesses. It is strictly for virgin losers, unfuckable rejects and broken little betas. It's possible that some of my regular listeners could get some enjoyment out of this file, but it is not a feminization file and it is extremely cruel and will hurt the feelings of even the most desensitized rejects. Think carefully about whether this file is appropriate for you before choosing to listen. The bonafide losers for life will love it, but precious little sissies have no business listening to such a mean file that is not for them. Sissies who listen may find that the file does not apply to them and may therefore find that it's not anywhere near as fun to listen to as a file that was created for sissies, it could even be a downright unpleasant experience for sensitive little sissies who don't deserve to be treated with such coldhearted cruelty and complete disregard for their feelings. Only the utterly contemptible rejects who make every woman's skin crawl deserve that sort of treatment, and that's exactly what they'll receive when they listen to their first therapy session.

Fuckdoll Fantasy - Sissy Pageant (Free Download!)

This file is a  72 minute fantasy  that places you in the role of a precious little sissy who couldn'...